Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame Week - #43

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Welcome to the Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame. Its week 43.  This week we have 2 new graduate. and 6 new redfish. There are now 164 redfish growing with us and tracking their road to minnowhood and also 77 graduates. I wish each and every one of you success in growing your account on Steem. The aim of this challenge is to grow your own SP to 500. To learn more about this initiative please do have a read of the introduction post  .  

A big shout out and thank you to @richatvns for this amazing artwork - feel free to add it to your posts and promote the redfish league

 Shameless Promotion

 Like what we are doing?  Don't forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here: 

Find out more about @steemcommunity - Visit website

Do you want to join?

You can join, or leave at any stage, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know that you want in or out.   

Support Each Other

This league gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the accounts you would not normally visit.  Take a look at the league and visit the profiles of one account above you and one account below and let's show each other a little support.

I would like to very much thank @sparkesy43 for doing this the last while.  It's really encouraging to see you use this league to support other like minded people.  We are all trying to grow our accounts, let's support each other.

Anyone that does this and tags me will be rewarded this week with an awesome prize 

Redfish Power UP League

Every Wednesday I will be connecting to the SteemSQL database managed by @arcange and gathering details on the Owned SP for each person in the league.The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held when the person joined the league and the average weekly % SP growth will be calculated. The person with the highest % weekly SP growth will be on top of the league. When a person reaches owned SP of 500, they will be removed from the league and added to the Wall of Fame.   


 accounts with no growth or powerdowns this week are not included in the list above

A shout out a welcome to all of the new people this week  @shainemata @owasco @tante.emmas.weed @dragonblades  @isgledysduarte, @currencyminer. Welcome to the league.  Do check out the accounts above and below you in the league, visit their blogs and show each other support.  Please also consider supporting @steemcommunity as one of your steem witnesses.    


Well done @vibesforlife being first in the league with a massive power up of 64.065 sp since the last league post.  This puts you first in the league.  You will be sent an SBI unit.

@maquemali are so close in second place I just have to send you a prize too 54.247 SP power up, nice work.

Congratulations also to  @usman119,  @nureza, @owasco, @anmitsu, @wildhomesteading, @tryskele @bluerobo, @tntdabomb as you were all in the top 10 this week with fantastic growth.

Spot Prizes

Lucky number 5 @owasco you will be sent 1 SBI unit.  

Lucky number 15 @tntdabomb you will be sent 1 SBI unit.  Congratulations, also winning on your first week of the league

 Lucky number 20 @dragonblades you will be sent 1 @SBI unit.

Wall of Fame  

We have 2 new entrant on the wall of fame this week. Congratulations @romiferns,  and of course to @shainemata. You are now a redfish celeb and steem gains 2 more awesome minnow.  @romiferns you were only with us 8 weeks, nice work indeed.  @@@shainemata you have been with us only 1 week and leaving so soon.  

Shout out to   @wildhomesteading,  @bluerobo, @tntdabomb, @khaimi, @olivia08, @ifeoluwa88, @yanyanbebe, @curatorcat, @mitrado, @uyobong, @lion200, @artgirl, @miguelvargas, @buckaroo . You are all on the home stretch.  Won't be long now before you are minnows.  Keep going everyone.              

Minnow Power Up League

I am delighted to tell you @steemcommunity witness account is now taking names for the Minnow Power Up league.  If you have SP of 500+ we would love you to join.  You can read the introduction post here   


This weeks league is sponsored by me.  All prizes have been sent

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Random act of support. 1 share of SBI sponsored for 43rd place - congratulations @udow

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I. Want to join @paulag

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no problem, I will add your name and the new post will be out today

Great idea. Could you list me? I'll try to be useful and active enough to reach minnow status.

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awesome I have just added your name and you will be included in todays post

hey guys i wanna join too let me if i can . @paulag its a great initiative for newbies like us

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Wow! Hard to believe I have been part of this for 43 weeks! But hopefully getting to the point of *"moving on" very soon... less than 50 to go!

Thanks @paulag for keeping this inspirational challenge going!


im so excited to run the data today and see how much you have left now (if any???)

Top 10! Woohoo! :D

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well done you - keep it up you are flying latley

Still full steem ahead here. Next target 300SP or rage quitting 🤷🏽‍♂️

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nooooooooooo rage quitting allowed, slow and steady is good :-)

Yep Steady Eddy and no real rage quitting... Just having a go at all the rage quitters still steeming #icantquityou

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Thank you so much Ma'am @paulag
Because of this weekly data, it encourage me so much since I joined here. Maybe if l joined here before, I already have 500 sp and more.I never thought that it is important to have it in steemit. I would like to express my gratitude to all who mentored me especially to @cadawg. Ma'am thank you so much @paulag

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aweeeee thank you so much for your kind words @olivia08

oh wow, I m first, ahh thanks :)

hot dog and high five, well done you!!!!!

Last night I powered up to put me over the top to Minnow. I saw that Steem prices came down a bit, making it worth a buy. Thanks for including me this week, @paulag.

I’ll be sure to visit other participants.

Good luck to all. Keep up the good work.

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I powered up a few weeks back as the price was good, but its even better now, wish I could power up more lol

Go..go @khaimi! You will be a minnow in no time! Nice move @maquemali.. you're in constant move now... keep it up!
You're growing nicely to @nureza, @rikaz87.. and you my soul sister @tryskele.. you did the right thing by keeping the daily posting activity now... Guys.. all if you are Amazing! See you on the wall of fame.. Soon.

Thank for the nice words my friend. Your words bring meaningful change to my little steps in this league.

Thanks cut akak @cicisaja. I promise this week to get "limongretoeh". Hehe

Yes you will... you'll be on limongreutoh within few days 😉 5 SP is only 1 more claimed rewards away..

Hi there @cicisaja!!

Thank you! I am glad to be back and so happy too to be more active now. I had somehow gone MIA for a couple months. And somehow I got the inspiration back. Hehe.. cheers!

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@cicisaja is a celeb around here now. welcome back :-)

Oh yes! She's a legend hahahaha

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😂😂😂😂 I'm a legend... reaching my minnowhood in 15 months while others could reach it in 3 months😂😂

slow and steady is good, and facts are if you look at the charts, most take way more than 3 months. we need more people like you on steem

Thanks @paulag for your support. This program very help me.

you are most welcome, I cant wait to see you become a minnow

Lucky 13... nice to see myself on the list and the numbers.

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13 is a great result, there are so many in the league now, you should be rather proud :)

Thanks I am. So how big is the list.

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Hi Miss @paulag!

Thanks for the awesome stats! I love seeing changes in our engagement for the past week. I hope I could keep up the adrenaline and enthusiasm up there hahahaha..

Thanks for the sbi! Love it!

you are most welcome, there are plenty of go getters here in the league, but there are also plenty of slow and steady growers, whats important is that you have fun :-)

Yes i noticed! I somehow get some inspirations at them.. And true, we should love what we are doing here or else anything you do without your heart in it will become boring..

Thank you so much for always keeping us in the move..

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i am in the list at Position 20 YYEEEAAAHHH!!!!
thank you @paulag for your great work.

yeppeppepepepe yaaaaaaaaaaaaa congraulations

Thanks from a thankful Redfish xD

Hi again Mrs @paulag, thank you for posting this Redfish Power up League today. I checked it and found my self with a little step up on the list. Hopefully next week will be much better. Also Thanks to all supporters of this Best innitiative. Have great days buddy

all growth is good growth and slow and steady works for most. Keep swimming and have a fantastic day too

Thanks @paulag for your support. I am lucky to meet you again and your best innitiative effort to Support small account , after newbieresteemday stopped.

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