Don't fall for the fear! HODL

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Trying to shakeout the Hodl'ers!

The downtrend of the whole crypto market is no fun, I know. But after watching some good technical analysis video's, Like this one link, I am sure that this is a trick by some very huge whales. All for one reason: "Getting the small HODL'ers out" and getting eventually more of the market. The price action is too exaggerated and the volume is so high, this is a move to scare other people. And I am sure lots of people are getting scared and got out.

BUT this is going to be a turning point, and the video with the technical analysis is kind of pointing that out too. You can see it below too. According to me and lots of other people this point is the major shift of the bear market. Just like the top in december 2017 was the turning point of the bull market.

The whales know that and push the price even more than to accumulate even more, that explains the high volume of the latest days. This can not keep going on, it is majorly oversold. This is the time of the turnaround.

HODL, people!



This is no financial advice, just an opinion stated by me.


Yes you Are Right...


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Sure hope you are right, my friend. I am a natural pessimist, but I enjoy reading optimists!