The Steem News @ 14 May 2021 - New Country Representatives Announced

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Steemit Inc has announced 18 new Country Representatives.

Witness Weekly reports one new witness.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Powered Up STEEM stats, the World Smile Project, Lagos City Steem Meetup, SteemFoods, Steem Infinity Zone, Steemit Iron Chef, some useful guides and how-to's, and many more contests...

1. New Country Representatives

Steemit Inc has announced 18 new Country Representatives...

@thegreens [Cameroon], @nattybongo [Ghana], @ngoenyi [Nigeria], @graceleon [Argentina], @nahela [Colombia], @miyexi [Venezuela], @rypo01 [Venezuela], @saracampero [Venezuela], @abuahmad [Bangladesh], @boss75 [Bangladesh], @sm-shagor [Bangladesh], @heriadi [Indonesia], @vvarishayy [Pakistan], @yousafharoonkhan [Pakistan], @julstamban [Philippines], @damithudaya [Sri Lanka], @svm038 [Turkey], @pennsif [United Kingdom]

These new Reps were selected from 73 applications, and will join the around 40 existing Reps.

Most of the new Reps will be joining existing country teams, but three of the them (@nahela [Colombia], @julstamban [Philippines], @pennsif [United Kingdom]) will be pioneers in their respective countries...

2. Witness Weekly

@pennsif has published the second edition of the new 'Witness Weekly'.

The past week has seen @steem-supporter witness drop out of the top 20, and @successgr.with launch as a new witness to support Korean Steemians...

3. Powered Up STEEM

@remlaps has posted statistics showing that the total value of STEEM powered up is continuing to grow.

The total value locked in powered-up STEEM is now US $108,838,221.80. The STEEM market cap is currently $360,126,021.46...

4. World Smile Project

Alongside his role as Program Manager for Steem.Amal @el-nailul has launched the World Smile Project to promote Steem through charitable activities around the world.

Already through Steem he is helping @mariana4ve feed families in need in Venezuela, as well as @steemitcountry in Indonesia and @traderpaw and @rosevillariasa in the Philippines...

5. Lagos City Steem Meetup

@talktofaith reports on a successful Steem Meetup she organized in Lagos in Nigeria last Sunday.

There were 23 people at the event, and talks were given by @doppley, @ruthjoe, @ammyy and @talktofaith.

A number of people signed up to Steem as a result of the meeting...

6. SteemFoods seeks Venezuela Mod

Due to the continual growth of the community SteemFoods is seeking a second Mod from Venezuela to work alongside @rypo01, and the rest of the Mod team.

SteemFoods now has well over 8,000 subscribers and just under 1000 active posters...

7. Steem Infinity Zone seeks Delegators

The recently launched Steem Infinity Zone, led by @cryptokraze, has announced an attractive delegation reward scheme to help build the community...

8. Steemit Iron Chef Relaunches

@progressivechef has relaunched the Steemit Iron Chef cooking contest.

The contest will run over 15 weekly rounds ...

9. Guides & How To's

@greece-lover has posted a useful guide on how to join a Steem Community...

Steem Infinity Zone Community leader @cryptokraze has produced the 7th in his Steem Tutorial series - this one is about how to transfer STEEM and SBD...

Witness @ayogom has published information on how to vote for witnesses...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr who runs the Steemit Contest Club Community has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

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Congratulations to your country representation.
@the-gorilla you know about this?
I expect a very strong U.K community from you.

Congratulations @pennsif 👍

Thank you.

There are not many Steemians in the UK at present, but I am hoping we can grow well in the coming months.

Congratulations @pennsif, Good Luck to all of you 😊

Congratulations to your country representation 👍

Thank you.

It will be an interesting challenge to see how we can grow Steem again in the UK.

Norway next... 😊

Congratulations to your country representation. :)

Witness Weekly is sad ,,,but We shall grow together ..