The Steem News @ 19 May 2021 - SBDs Double in a Day

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Among all the turmoil in the crypto markets, the price of SBDs has more than doubled in the past day.

To celebrate 10K subscribers World of Xpilar is giving away delegatations every day for a week.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about the Steem Assisted Village, another new Witness, the World Smile Project, Steem Bangladesh Community Charity, Bethlehem Church, Sell For Steem discounts, some useful guides and how-to's, and many more contests...

1. SBD Rockets Up

The markets in general may be in turmoil with Bitcoin dropping as low as $30K today, but our very own Steem Backed Dollar has been a real green standout in an otherwise total sea of red.

The SBD price has been rocketing upwards pushing well over $15 at one point before settling down around $14.

STEEM meanwhile has dropped but not as badly as most of the rest of the crypto world. As a result it has climbed to #134 on with a price of $0.75 (0.00002018 BTC).

@acom and @whatsup are among several commentators...

2. World of Xpilar Daily Delegations

To celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers in the World of Xpilar Community @xpilar is giving away a 3 week 500 SP delegation every day for a week...

3. Steem Assisted Village

@sultan-aceh has given an update on the Steem Assisted Village project in Aceh.

Construction work has now begun of the Mushalla Al-Qariah in Buket Village with the toilet block well underway...

4. Another New Witness

New witnesses are becoming all the rage these days with three coming along in as many weeks.

This is week it is the debut of @unbiasedwriter...

We look forward to hearing more about his plans as a witness...

5. World Smile Project

@el-nailul has given an update on the humanitarian work he has been doing through his World Smile Project.

This week he has provided 55 SBD to support projects in Indonesia, the Philippines and Venezuela...

6. Steem Bangladesh Community Charity

@bd-charity of the Steem Bangladesh Community has posted a report about its Eid Project charity work.

Led by @mahirabdullah, @abuahmad and @rifat3 in Dhaka, the project distributed food parcels to 25 families in need...

7. Bethlehem Church Joins Steem

Long time Steemian @cmp2020 has brought his local church, Bethlehem Church in Thornton, Pennsylvania, on to Steem.

@bebethlehem was established over 150 years ago and is now looking to break new ground by bringing its ministry on to the blockchain...

Anyone know of any other 'bricks and mortar' churches, temples, mosques or other places of worship that have their own accounts on Steem? This could be an interesting area of growth...

8. Sweet Discounts in the Honey Store

@huzaifanaveed1, who is making good sales of his honey in @haidermehdi's Sell For Steem community, is now offering a special 2 STEEM discount across the whole range for Steem customers...

Another trader in the same community, @janemorane, is currently offering discounts on some handbags...

9. Guides & How To's

@diegosnz has produced a tutorial on how to set beneficiaries on your posts...

@eugelys has posted details of how to delegate Steem Power using In this particular case to the @danceandmusic community run by @donatello...

@eh-shohag has published a compilation of very useful tutorial and guides on a variety of topics including geo-location, delegation, powering up and @sapwood's Project Affable...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@masumrbd has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap ]

STEEM price US$ 0.73 20 May '21 1.24am UTC
STEEM price 0.00001989 BTC 20 May '21 1.24am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #134 20 May '21 1.24am UTC
SBD price US$ 14.27 20 May '21 1.24am UTC
Alexa rank ( #17,338 20 May '21 1.24am UTC
Unique visitors ( 216,917 / day 20 May '21 1.24am UTC
Page views ( 867,667 / day 20 May '21 1.24am UTC

This is #358 (19 May '21) of this daily news service.

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SBD doubling in price WTF x 2?

So much for a $1 USD peg lol

Is SBD supposed to be pegged to $1?

Yes, it is supposed to be pegged to 1 USD. If the price of the SBD goes down then the witnesses have some way to bring it back to 1 USD, but if the USD value of the SBD goes up like now, the witnesses do not have anything to make it come back to 1 USD pegged value. We all can just convert SBD to steem to make our stakes bigger during these times. @laterloser

Why did it go so far from the peg?

Because of the overwhelming investment from the Koreans on upbit, the price increased rapidly in a single day.

It will go to the moon

I don't know how? But this SBD was amazing!

Hi, guys. Can I withdraw SBD from my account and how? Is the steemit alive?

You can withdraw it to, for example, Bittrex (if you have an account there). Or you can exchange it to Steem tokens on the inner market here on Steemit (go to your wallet, select your SBD tokens, and click market). You can later do whatever you want to with the Steem tokens (but the best thing is to power up!)

Just two small tips for future articles:

  1. A small competition/quiz from @crypto.piotr that might be of interest to readers:
  2. I might be the newest witness on Steemit:

Sicne you are also writing a news especially about witnesses and more, thought I wanted to let you know!

Thanks again..., I am a big fan of your daily news updates since I discovered it two days ago!!

Good luck as a witness !

You may notice I have already included your witness post in this edition of Steem News.

Yes, I noticed - and I really appreciate the mention and your support, and of course, your daily news! :)


Ohhh i dont know how to react. But, lets hope for the best!

steem after few days jump it

Standing with a diamond hand 😂 🤣

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