The Steem News @ 25 April 2021 - Steem builds a House...

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@sultan-aceh's project to build a house funded by Steem has now been completed.

Also in Indonesia SteemAmal is doing a great job supplying wheelchairs to those in need.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about PromoSteem, Steem Teams in Venezuela, Steem Women's Club & Steem Men's Club Recruitment Contest, a Build the Earth Minecraft Contest, Steemalive City Cordinators, some Guides & How To's and many more contests...

1. The House that Steem Built - Completed

@sultan-aceh reports on the successful completion of the house being built for @tailah.bayu and his family.

The house was constructed in just a few weeks, with great support from across the Steem community.

This is a great symbol of the power of the Steem community in Indonesia. Congratulations to @sultan-aceh and his team that carried out the project and to all sponsors who gave their support through donations and upvotes...

2. Steem Amal Wheelchair Support

Also in Indonesia Program Manager @el-nailul reports on another success for the SteemAmal humanitarian project.

As part of the Steem.Amal Health Care Program a wheelchair, and nursing support, has been provided to Nasriah, a young woman with a leg injury.

The program is allocating funds raised through Steem for five wheelchairs in total...

3. PromoSteem Sponsorship

Long time Steemian @stephenkendal is becoming an official sponsor of the PromoSteem Community with monthly support of 100 STEEM...

@julstamban has produced new designs for T-shirts and facemasks for PromoSteem activities in the Laguna area of the Philippines...

4. Steem Teams in Venezuela

Community leader @fjjrg is continuing his project to establish regional / city teams of Steemians across Venezuela with another weekly challenge...

5. Steem Women's Club & Steem Men's Club Recruitment Contest

@steemwomensclub and @steemmensclub are running a joint contest to encourage people to recruit their friends and family to Steem.

There is a prize pool of 150 STEEM so well worth getting involved...

6. Build the Earth Minecraft Contest

@cmp2020 is continuing his Build the Earth Minecraft contest.

This has great potential to attract people from the Minecraft community to Steem...

Do you know anyone who plays Minecraft? Tell them about this contest...

7. Steemalive City Cordinator Reports

@ngoenyi has reported on the virtual meetups she has been organizing as a Steemalive City Cordinator in Nigeria...

@steemalive has posted a summary of the activities of all the City Coordinators across Nigeria...

8. Guides & How To's

Country Rep @njaywan has posted some useful tips on how to write a good post...

@steem-ghana has given some instructions on how to use the Steemit editor...

@vipnata has prepared a guide on how to transfer STEEM from Bittrex - especially useful if you are buying STEEM to enter the next SPUD4STEEM organised by @kiwiscanfly...

9. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr who runs the Steemit Contest Club Community has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

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Thank you very much for spreading the news about what steem.amal is doing in Aceh-Indonesia. it is a great support of you too @pennsif


Thank you for all the great work you are doing with Steem.Amal.

Very good information, some very interesting news such as the construction of a house done by @ sultan-aceh in a week finished, and the very good performance news of steem.amal, also information about PromoSteem, is also extraordinary. I wish you all success.

Very productive your post, friend. I am new to this Steemit community. I hope to continue learning.

So much has happened on the news.
Thanks to all steemians that have participated in the successful activities organized.

Thank you so much dear @pennsif for mention me.

You are welcome.

Thanks for the mention


@pennsif good information runs in your DNA.
Steem on
Keep inspiring
Keep updating us
Keep winning

@sultan-aceh's project to build a house funded by Steem has now been completed.

This is a good news.

Thanks again for mentioning the construction hunt! Let's hope it brings some new users here to Steem.


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Es maravilloso estar informados sobre las actividades y proyectos que están realizando, las diferentes comunidades que hacen vida activa en steemit, así los nuevos usuarios como yo @yusmary99, podemos participar en los proyectos que presentas dichas comunidades.

Great updates. Thanks so much.

I like this update. It feeds me some info that others need for their perusal. Thanks @pennsif

Wow. Great!!

where can I find tools to make auto vote and curation trail because doesn't work at all. hope you reply friend

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