The Steem News @ 5 May 2021 - Contests are booming & STEEM hits $1 again

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Contests are booming on Steem.

Total prizes for Thursday and Friday closing contests have soared past US$1000.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about PromoSteem, a Steemit Assisted Village, Steem Fanbase, ACOM Dividend Tokens, Steem Sri Lanka, Steem Women's Club, some useful guides and how-to's, and many more contests...


The price of STEEM has just gone up past $1.00 again as this edition went to press.

1. Contests are booming on Steem

In the latest edition of the Win With Steem daily contest listing post @pennsif has recorded 40 contests closing on Thursday and Friday with over $1100 worth of prizes.

Contests are a great way for newcomers particularly to network, get involved in the platform and potentially win STEEM prizes.

There is a massive range of contests from dancing to crafts to photography to cooking to football to poetry to travel - very much something for every taste...

2. Daily Contests

While most contests generally run for a week, there is a growing trend for daily contests.

@tht has been running his sports/crypto prediction contest every day for some time...

Two new PromoSteem dailies have just been started by @arie.steem and @julstamban...

@alikoc07 has just launched a near daily food photo contest for the SteemFoods community...

@mister-omortson has been running for a while a near daily 'guess the movie' contest...

3. PromoSteem Update

PromoSteem is buzzing with activity.

The team has just put out an update regarding sponsorship and delegation...

PromoSteem sponsor @stephenkendal has put forward a generous offer to help fund anyone looking to produce promotional T-shirts...

@collinz was wearing his Steem Ghana T-shirt when he went store to store promoting Steem in the Achimota Retail Center in Accra...

4. Steemit Assisted Village

Following the success of his Steem funded house building project @sultan-aceh is now levelling up to power a whole village on Steem.

The village in question is Buket Village in North Aceh, Indonesia...

5. Steem Fanbase Updates

Following its release last week the @ItalyGame witness development team have been making rapid updates and feature additions to their new Steem Fanbase auto-voting tool...

6. ACOM Dividend Tokens Sold Out

@imagen reports for ACOM that their new DVT dividend token was sold out on Steem-Engine within three days.

The next release of tokens will be on 14 May...

7. Steem Sri Lanka Online Training

@steem-sri.lanka are hosting an online training session for newcomers to Steem on 9 May.

The Zoom meeting will be for speakers of Sinhala...

8. Steem Women's Club Seeks New Representative

The fast growing @steemwomensclub is expanding its team once again.

They are now seeking a Representative from the India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh area...

9. Guides & How To's

Venezuela Country Rep @edlili24 has published the third in her very useful 'Things You Should Not Do on Steem' series...

@steem-ghana has posted the first part of a guide to using @steemchiller's very useful account management tool...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr who runs the Steemit Contest Club Community has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

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This is #348 (5 May '21) of this daily news service.

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Hello @pennsif. Nice to greet you. I am a moderator of the Steeming Community. I would like to tell you that we are also running daily based contest, which is called ''how you have spent yesterday on Steemit?''. This is supposed to be daily contest within our community. I'd like to ask if you can add up our contests (and, specially, this contest) to your news' posts. We will appreciate it. This is the link of our contest:

We are also running more contests, and games, every week. You can check them out if you like. Regards. Saturday, May 8th, 2021.

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