One last middle finger from ned...

in #steemlast year (edited)

Happy to return that.


Extending it to Justin "I buy blockchains" Sun.
He may be able to buy parts of the community, he may squat the name by pushing the token swap on a (formerly great, now insignificant) exchange. But he will never understand blockchain.

I'm in for STEEM Classic.


Count me in :-)

please name it Steem 2.0 :) Steem classic sounds old. We want sound New and cool :D

btw in too

I think @cadawg has the whole thing archived.

please name it Steem 2.0 :) Steem classic sounds old. We want sound New and cool :D

How about STEEMCash? 😎



why not :) but then we need to remove SBD, otherwise it would be crazy :D

My interest has long been the evolution in governance of the STEEM project. The purchase of STINC by @justinsunsteemit seems a bit auspicious with the timing of the new HF (with Communities) set for next week. Such a real fork (RF) is the nuclear option which Justin seemed to have become aware of between his first Twitter announcement and the dLive show with @ned.

The change supported my long time view that all stake holders wish success for the project. They just do not always agree what success means with regard to STEEM.

Nukes kept the major powers in peace during the Cold War. Perhaps the nuclear option will retain peace in the STEEM community as well. ✌️😎

there isn't a HF set for next week. If Communities are released this week or the next... it doesn't require a HF just the beta site moves to the regular site

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Yeah just meant the timing was great with the Communities release. Two years overdue with a one week head start for @ned. 😅

@ned was so clueless about what happens on Steem that it would not surprise me if he had zero awareness that Communities were even in Beta

Great idea!!! My take is Steem Flynn in a nod to Tron the Movie. Might be a good code name for Steem 2.0 [Edit: Steem 3.0] !BEER

Can we fork out stake? I know someone wrote the code a few months ago. This would be the time. If we could do it before the sale goes through. I know witnesses wont sleep if it means they save their asses and arent eaten up by Tron "super representatives".

I think the distinction has to be made between the fork on github to prevent them taking the repository private or something like that, and a fork of the actual blockchain.

If it ends up being a token swap on polo, it's just a matter of what they plan to do with the original base chain tokens (burn or dump them). The witnesses just need to keep doing what they are doing. If they burn it for the swap, fabulous! If they decide to dump it on another exchange as 'steem classic', we all take a haircut on the price. My main concern is with the exchanges. Do bittrex and binance support TRX tokens? If not, it might be an easier sell to keep with business as usual. If they convince the other exchanges to support the swap, that's bad news. If it's one thing we would need to do as a community, is convince the exchanges the community doesn't want the swap. But there quite a few cheerleaders thinking that moving over to TRX is the greatest thing ever.

Fuck @ned and fuck Justin!!! Fuck THEM HARD!.. Im here for #SteemClassic. If the ship sinks ill be here dancing on the sea floor, flipping off every DIPSHIT that ever thought that a blockchain is something you can buy.

You're the captain of your own ship.

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This about sums up the deal and payoff for us Steemians.

Boom! :D

Node up?

As always!

Can it be a different name, or perhaps just call it Steempeak after the front end with actual effort?

I'll see your Busy and raise you a Partiko Coin!

Why stop at one chain split.

selling a huge community is the high level of cynicism, very bad bad @NED

I'm in. Can use money from the swap tokens to buy Steem Classic. I'd like it to be quite radical, no point in following the ideas Stinc had, as they didn't work. Maybe make it open to multiple cryptocurrencies? Who needs exchanges? I hardly ever use them now. Just need a way to swap Steem Classic with the top cryptos.

I'm in for STEEM Classic too Pharesim.

100% man. Fuck this TRON merger shit.. :/

I recall the lost Golos. Or is the Blockchaine still alive? But right from the start I had confidence in @pharesim and its steem expertise. A new blockchain is definitely worth a try. One with certain liabilities. So that one can seriously recommend organisations to use it.

My stake is a joke, but a word also weighs something:

I'm in…

To bad you won't have a say. Nothing stops TRON from voting in its own witnesses

Who asked Tron about any fork that Witnesses vote for?

Tron doesn't have a say in what Witnesses decide.

Even if they use the stake to change the top 20, big deal, it doesn't change all 100+ witnesses running nodes right as we speak.

If they think that money can buy anything, maybe they are right about that, but money sure as anything can't buy everyone.

That they can stick where the sun doesn't shine. (every pun intended)

Tron DOES have a say.. if they don't like it they will be voted out and replaced

They can't stop a fork.

Literally can not stop a fork from happening.

and in that fork can be all sorts of wonderful little things, like for example:

"all ninja mined tokens = NULLED"

Just saying it as it is.

Wouldn't that be / feel great?

So, only Steem that arose through inflation would exist?

Might wanna think on that a bit. All Steem was originally ninjamined.

Are those 80 mill SP they just acquired enough to dethrone the top 20?

Hell no

We can, Dave.

The difficult part is having people with various skill sets like coding, getting to the exchanges, etc. to keep a forked chain going.

In addition, that also depends on how much of the community would migrate over to Tron.

It's all just code and data. They may be able to raise the necessary workload, but for the cost of tainting their already pretty low reputation further.

Steem doesn't have that great of a rep out there either

Mostly because of Steemit Inc, that problem's solved then ;)
But yes, a chain split carries its own risk, of course.

Steemit has 21% of stake. TRON has super representatives. They dont need our witnesses. Our witnesses get the shaft.

Steemit should be sold at a throw away price actually 😂😂

I won't be tired to repeat this:

When btc was @20k steem was @$8, so if btc is @10k, logically steem should be roughly above $4.

But what do we have? Don't answer me.

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unfortunately that kind of logic doesn't work with cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and steem have very different economics. Although the prices seem to go up together and down together they aren't directly tied at all

You have my vote

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I want in on Steem Classic!

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To steem classic

in too. We never get SMT nice Scam from Steemit inc

They're on the testnet if you really want them :D

cool :) so we can make Steem classic with SMT?

Edit: this would be holy crail without corrupt steemit inc :D

They may need some more work, but they basically should be functional.

Back when dan quit price went up. Getting rid of Steemit Inc is definitely a chance, how it will play out long term has to be seen. It's a lot of work.

From the server side does Steem needs Steemit? Like Full node with api etc.

Or would run Steem as now smooth without Steemit?

Depends on user count. If nobody uses it, API nodes are cheap. If we have a lot of users, they will cost something and would have to be provided by witnesses and other businesses - but token price should make up for that if we get that far.

ok good to know.

If it comes to a point where I must choose? I vote for STEEM CLASSIC.

#steemclassic #iamwithsteemians #visionsarenotforsale

Bin dabei Sir

STEEM Classic is not a good name, call it STEEM3 :) like Steem Freedom ;)

Also a bit concerned about the current situation, and would prefer that the Steem blockchain remains, but also see potential in the new collaboration if it is done as a win/win.

maybe Steem-Ultra.

I always tell you you should post more... This is just perfect post you see ;)

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