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RE: # Is upvoting a scam..?

in #steem3 years ago

@naiyar25 Hi i saw Your blog. Seems legit :) I dont think You understand steemit yet tho, but dont worry, not so many does :)) (i mean, im trying my best too) but upvotes are not equal, i got some guides that will explain it. i am upvoting Your post as part of PlanktonGrow program. Would You like to know how You can get more support? and how to engage here in more ways? i gather some tips on my blog here, come see


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Yes please. I wanna know the science behind upvoting. That'd be a great deal.

I mean, that is explained in the beginner guide, click my nick, i posted "helpful links", thats all in 1 guides, tools, and services for steem. Its actually amazing what You can do with it.