Quarantine life

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Good day people


The COVID-19 lockdown has kept everyone forcefully quarantined in their various homes, which is for our good to curtail the spread of the virus. Putting most of our plans to a halt, but the good news is that we could also make the quarantine fun and very creative. Recently, I decided to use my quarantine effectively and also to have some fun. I started working on my weight by doing at least twenty sit-ups daily, and also thirty jumper jacks and I’m already seeing improvement gradually. I also started focusing on writing blogs and also watching new movies. Playing video games hasn’t been my thing, but I recently started joining my brother’s in playing their PS 2, and I discovered that it wasn’t bad though.

One of the games I like is the one called Mortal Combat. It deals with wrestling, and you have many characters to battle with, and my best character is the girl called Ashrah. She’s a very cool character with nice strength’s. I was surprised at myself when I gained interest in this part of the game because on a normal basis I’m not a wrestling fan.
Playing football with my brothers have been my thing since the lockdown period, although I’m not a good player, not even a football fan, I’m enjoying the fun of playing with them and I’m improving in my skills unlike before.


Yesterday I and my younger ones tried playing with two of my uncles, and we scored higher. The opposite was the case, but even if we scored less we still had a lot of fun yesterday except my junior brother, wisdom who was crying as a result of our failure. Lol! Also making funny pictures is one of the best parts I love the most. My younger brother, Rich is also learning how to code from my uncle. He had no idea about it in the first place, but as at now, he’s doing real good already.


I couldn’t do all these fun stuff before because I would always be occupied by one thing or the other, but now I have all the time to myself without any distraction. All these things help us to while away time and also making us not to really feel the impact of the quarantine too much, because waking up in the morning and staying at home, eating, sleeping and waking up all day seriously sucks, but I believe we can try to make the most out of it. We should use this time to do what you didn’t have the time to do before, increase our skills and learn new things. And you’ll be surprised that after this quarantine saga is over you’ll become a new person, doing stuff that you couldn’t do before that would be so cool. We all hope this pandemic stops soon so that we can get our normal lives back. I hope this works for all of us. Stay safe guys and live well.

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I think I need to commend your effort. Keep it up.