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This is really just a response to something said here TRX Claim issue and TRX account creation

Once you start claim your reward, do not update your tron account. Otherwise, all TRX will gone .

I did not think this was the case for a couple reasons

  1. The keys changed implying the existing account still existed
  2. The Integration of TRX and Steemit is Coming, Stay Tuned! described that

If a user does lose access to their TRON account they can generate a new one via the ‘UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT’ function in their Steemit Wallet. Any TRX collected in a previous account will not be carried over to a new TRON account.

I assumed this to mean that the account still existed. The TRX just didn't carryover.


Some steps on what to do to recover an existing TRX account. This requires Tronlink

1. Click the New Wallet icon in the upperleft of the tronlink app


2. Choose the private key option


3. Import via private key


You can import via QR code using the link in the upper right

4. Now click the send button on the wallet


Using send, we can send the TRX to the new wallet

5. I send all the TRX


6. Confirm the transfer


7. You can see the amount transferred to my new wallet



There it is. Hope this helps people that have updated their wallets by mistake thinking they lost all their TRX


@tipu !tip

@fombae read this and see if we can retrieve my lost TRN

very nice information sir.

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