[3] ALL users who VOTED for witnesses - Check which votes you miss and save the Steem!

in #steemlast year (edited)

I beg for your pardon. I voted following my own criteria instead of the one from 'the community'. Sorry for not being a sheep.

good for you

Thank you for this. I changed one one of my votes for abit. I hope it helps! I only started voting because of this whole fiasco and I wanted to do my part!

Yeah,this is correct! Thanks for updating the list of our votes!

I withdrew my Blocktrades votes as soon as I heard they were siding with TRON, was then left with one vote, the next community witness down the list was busy.witness, but no one has told if busy.witness sides with TRON or not. I really don't enjoy voting for several witnesses I know nothing about, but that's what I've felt I've been coerced into over the last few weeks as the lesser of two evils.

I've corrected my list.

All done. Cheers.

Ok, I'll take a look on your suggestion list..

What do you know, I didn't realized he went off line. Fixed.

Thanks for the note.

20 votes locked in.

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