Steem up 20%+ on poloniex after rumor of Facebook acquisition

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After trading flat for a while time, steem is getting pumped, as is common in crypto but after checking twitter, I saw to posts with information that could explain this bull run:

The first explaining why steem could be a possible acquisition by Facebook in light if their new crypto initiative:

The second of is portal with radical economic analysis outside of main stream media consensus:

So, will this pump be followed by a dump?


Steem aquired by Facebook. How am I supposed to picture that. Steem is a Decentralized block-chain.

So the only way facebook could 'aquire' Steem is by buying the majority of Steem.

Steem is decentralized, but isn't. There are several ways they could rain in our party.

There could be serious interference with steem operation by hiring the development team, by forking the blockchain or by running their own graphene chain and integrating with facebook.

nooo go away zuckerberg, leave steemit alone D:

anyone here remember what direction youtube took after google acquisition? think about this story in that relative context.

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