Removing Witness Votes Who Are Supporting HF21

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There were a lot of discussions going on over the HF21 in the last 2-3 weeks. It has too many changes in one hardfork. Frankly speaking, I don't understand them all fully.

After reading this post and comments under this post, I don't feel comfortable about it. I don't like what is going to happen in HF21. So, as a protest, I am going to remove those witness votes who are supporting HF21.

Out of all the changes I don't like 50/50 split the most. With 10% funding going to SPS from the author reward pool, it reduces the reward even more. I also do not believe in the argument - "but you'll get more votes then because of the increased curation rewards". It might be true but only for some authors. If you are not voting or finding good authors under 25% curation rewards, delegating to bid bots, what the proposed 25% extra can do for you? Bid bots can adjust their reward system to delegators, it is just a matter of changing a few lines of codes. Actually, I know some bots already share curation rewards with their delegators.

And lastly what about the apps that take a cut from author rewards as a way to fund their operations? Users of those apps will get even less under HF21.

I myself only hold around 5 Mvests but I have some proxied Mvests from newbies/minnows from the Bangladeshi community. I believe this HF21 won't serve them well. This is why I'll stop supporting witnesses who are backing this hardfork. I won't remove you if you run a full RPC node though.

I'll try to learn more as things progress. May start supporting you again if I think it will bring good. I know you all do a lot for Steem, but I am sorry.

I have discussed this decision with a few users from @BDCommunity. If you are proxying to me or BDCommunity and do not like this decision, feel free to remove me as proxy. If you want to set BDCommunity as your witness proxy, here is the handly SteemConnect link.

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You right that is not the best hard fork when you think about it!

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Yeah, it doesn't seem good if you do not have a huge stake. But I am trying to learn more. Lets see.

That is what I am worried about - 50/50 has been brought up many times in the past, and it just seems like a benefit only to whales. :(

They vote themselves anyway. It is just bad for bots.

I think you are making the right move. I found my views to well align with @crypto.piotr and I think we all should work together to stop this mess from happening or at least make our voice heard enough to roll back the changes.

Do you know who support HF21??

I am researching both about who is supporting and what it is all about.

I've started a list about which witnesses are supporting HF21 and who isn't.

We need to get four witnesses who are against it into the top 20 to put a stop to it. Drakos is very close (he's at #21).

If you have any further info about witnesses who are against HF21, please reply so I can add them to the list.

Thank you for the link and comment. I'll let you know if I find others in support or against HF21.

I think we should find out how many people would be willing to move to a forked chain with a new name or Steem Classic or something. Honestly, if a fork offered downvote removal and have a short-term increase in inflation (only to balance the pool due to the ninja mine) that's enough for me to switch over.

Forking is too extreme. We'd miss out on lots of future development. I just want the EIP fixed to become something better.

I think we're losing development because the whales have damaging ideologies that are killing the platform. Look at the reasons Dtube gave for breaking off from Steem and building their own blockchain. One of the two main reasons they gave was the punishment system for sharing information.

This place is called Steem"it" because it is meant to resemble Reddit. Do people write blog articles on Reddit? No, they share blog articles they wrote or someone wrote elsewhere. But here, on Steem, that's called abuse. That is a very foolish policy and its going to keep Steem small. DTube is lost because of this thinking, and that was an important loss. If you ask me, Dtube was more valuable to the future of Steem than Steemit Inc.

If projects keep finding it easier to fork Steem than do business on it we'll have a much bigger problem than the loss of Steemit Inc. development.

The other reason was the terrible on-boarding experience. Accounts need to be free and take seconds to create and not weeks. In my opinion, upvoting should not cost resource credits, however, posting and commenting should cost resource credits.

I do not like it either, my main reason is not the 50/50 split, though I do agree with you that author rewards are already designed to be divided among community hosting sites and so there is a problem in reducing author rewards.

On a side note, why doesn't your app Multiple Authority Manager provide the ability for generating upvote ops? This feature is the main one missing from your app that would be nice if it was there.

Hi, I intentionally left that out thinking why would someone need multisig to vote a content.

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