Steem price chart (binance)

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A month of worst down fall of steem price in ALT coin market, even though other alt coins bit recover early .
Steem took little while to bounce back and it did good i guess we can except green single and pumb in near future. Hope it too good.

you have been warned

(This post just for entertainment purposes so please don't scream down here like hungry 2 yr old)




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Steem is forming a triangle pattern on the low scale and has broken out on the bigger scale. From the TA side it looks very promising, BUT as long as BTC is not moving up with some serious volume, it won't help. I'm really looking forward to the time, when Steem and other altcoins become independent of BTC!

Good to see you after a while @atomsblack Exactly ! Most of the coins depends on ETH & BTC and if steem is independet like btc there would have been different story.. thanks

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