Steem Total Value Powered Up - $158 million

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In follow-up to last week's post, Steem Total Value Powered Up - $102 million, here is another review of the total value that is powered up in the Steem blockchain. I don't guarantee that I'll be posting these reports every week, but I'll try to post enough that we can get a sense of how things are changing over time.

As a reminder, I have been tracking the amount of "vested steem" as reported by the blockchain along with the market prices of a handful of cryptocurrencies. Based on the market values, I am reporting the value of powered-up STEEM in terms of USD and a few other tokens.

Noteworthy, this week, STEEM advanced in relative value against all of the tokens in my little basket. In terms of dollars, the powered-up STEEM gained about $56 million, or more than 50%.

Here are the numbers as of a few moments ago.

Total value locked in powered-up STEEM (USD): $158,701,352.77

Locked value in terms of other tokens:

tokenpricelocked_value equivalent

And here are the charts, based on data collected daily since April 10.


Today's number of vested STEEM is the highest value I've seen since I began collecting these numbers.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of USD

Today's value in USD isn't quite an all time high, but it's up nicely since last week and the week before.
That was true at download time, but the value posted in this post's introduction actually is the highest I've seen.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of tron (TRX)

STEEM and TRX not too far from parallel motion.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of Steem Dollars

Highest value seen, here, too


Value of powered-up STEEM as a percentage of Steem's market cap


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of bitcoin (BTC)

Nice movement against BTC!


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of ethereum

ETH and LTC taking a breather


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of litecoin

ETH and LTC taking a breather


  • Reference prices for STEEM and other tokens are downloaded from
  • Steem's market cap was downloaded from (@officialcmc)
  • Mixing and matching between those two sites is not the best way to do it, but it was the easiest for me to implement lazily. Maybe I'll fix that some time.

Хороший обзор! Интересно, как сейчас будет рынок развиваться, только что хорошо медведь наступил на быка...

As I have not much knowledge of cryptocurrencies and statistics, but learning something new here on this platform. I hope this is up and down of currencies will bring a positive and good news for all the steemians, and all others who have invested their money in coin markets.
Fingers crossed 🤞

What a good summary of the movements of these cryptocurrencies, perhaps by the end of years the dreams of many, including mine, will be fulfilled.

What a great report, thanks for sharing

Hello remlaps how are you
If the market today woke up crazy, today billions of dollars came to light with 75% of the coins on the rise and steem I take advantage of that momentum, maybe tomorrow you will notice a small price drop or maybe not and continue with its movement bullish.

I have a small amount invested in the market and today I have earned 50% of my capital to start, previously I did operations with steem in binance but the market is not very active compared to TRX and other currencies, but in the same way I have my savings in steem at any time I pass it to steempower.

Tell me what currency do you like to trade by taking out the steem?

Note: I am very bad at reading statistics, for that reason I do not give you a good opinion about it.

@remlaps-lite, I am pleased with the growth results of our Steem. Let's hope that each time the results will improve? Although summer comes, the market usually freezes during the holidays, but this year is so unusual, so it is absolutely impossible to predict how the market will behave, and in particular Steem. Thank you very much for your publication.

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