Steem Total Value Powered Up - $76 million - October 3, 2021

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This is next in my series of posts reviewing the amount and value of powered up STEEM on the Steem blockchain. For previous posts, see the end of this entry.

Noteworthy in the last week, our streak of consecutive new highs for powered-up STEEM continued, and with almost 140 million powered-up STEEM, we're now at 28 days in a row with new highs. Overall, the cryptocurrency market moved up dramatically in the last few days, and STEEM did the same. In the last week, the modeled value of powered-up STEEM is down mildly against all of the comparison assets except for TRX, against which it is up by about 3%. My favorite metric, value as a percentage of market cap, is basically unchanged at 35.68%.

Here are the numbers as-of a few minutes ago:

Total value locked in powered-up STEEM (USD): $75,813,908.46
STEEM market cap $212,490,678.42

Locked value in terms of other tokens:

tokenpricelocked_value equivalent

And here are the charts, based on data collected daily since April 10.

New Chart

Here is a chart of daily changes in powered-up STEEM from April 11 to present. The graph also includes a linear trend line and a 28 day moving average. Why 28 days? Because that's one power-down cycle.



28 consecutive days of new highs with a gain of about 600 thousand since last week


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of USD

Up by about 11% since last week's download.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of tron (TRX)

Up by about 3% since last week, but still a touch below the 800 million to 1 billion channel.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of Steem Dollars

Down by about 3% since last week. Still in an uptrend as compared to lows in June.


Value of powered-up STEEM as a percentage of Steem's market cap

After dipping below 35% last week, we have now seen 8 consecutive days above that mile marker. We have also seen 51 consecutive days above 34%, and 71 straight days above 1/3. We had one day above 36%, earlier in the week. Will we sneak back above 36% again? Will we see 37%?


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of bitcoin (BTC)

The modeled value of powered-up STEEM dropped slightly this week, then bounced back to end the week at the same place as last week.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of ethereum

The modeled value of powered-up STEEM dropped by about 1% this week in comparison to ETH and LTC.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of litecoin

The modeled value of powered-up STEEM dropped by about 1% this week in comparison to ETH and LTC.


  • Reference prices for STEEM and other tokens are downloaded from
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I like this graph better, here you can better appreciate the downs and ups. It would be good if you added the volume of how much they did power up and how many are withdrawing their steem.

If this trend continues, I guess maybe next week it will be $82 million+

Steem total powered up value has increased from $68 million to $76 million and I hope It will keep increasing next week. Thank you.

Through these graphs we can see how people trust this platform, it motivates me to see and hear the greats say that the power up has been maintained in recent months and we have new highs. thanks for sharing this news.

Users are now aware about the benefit of powering up and since the price of of Steem is low now, everybody trying to make power up. The weekly power up contest is also helping to increase Steem total powered up value. Thanks for this detailed analysis.

With the exchange rate strengthening again in recent days, it has proven that steem will always be a profitable crypto asset for us to hold. Even if it's a small amount, I always maintain my Steem Power, keep increasing it even if it's a very small amount. I have never powerdown since I joined steemit.

As a trader with a small investment, I haven't been able to freeze my steem much. But I believe the exchange rate of steem will continue to increase with more and more investors freezing steem as SP.

This is good news for us, steem in this week continues to strengthen. I think the exchange rate of steem will always attract attention.
In recent months, the Steem exchange rate has never corrected too deeply, Steem only corrected slightly and then strengthened again. Thank you @remlaps-lite for always updating this information to all of us.

Steem avanza poco a poco pero de manera segura, espero una sorpresa en sus maximos historicos.

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

Steem in progress is an encouragement to continue. Thanks for the information.

I think all depends of bitcoin but i feel this blockchain and project can continue growing naturally

The panel is progressing, I think we will have good surprises, it is a matter of continuing to work and I know we will have good earnings, it is my opinion

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