Steem Total Value Powered Up - $89 million - September 12, 2021

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This is next in my series of posts reviewing the amount and value of powered up STEEM on the Steem blockchain. For previous posts, see the end of this entry.

Noteworthy in the last 9 days, our streak of consecutive new highs came to an end at 52 days on September 5, but we're now on a new 7-day streak. In terms of value, the modeled value for powered-up STEEM gained in strength against BTC, LTC, ETH, and SBD, and was basically flat in value against the USD. Tron gained by about 12% against the value of powered-up STEM.

Here are the numbers as-of a few minutes ago:

Total value locked in powered-up STEEM (USD): $89,135,533.70
STEEM market cap $253,096,804.00

Locked value in terms of other tokens:

tokenpricelocked_value equivalent

And here are the charts, based on data collected daily since April 10.


The streak of consecutive new highs ended at 52 on September 5, and we now have a new 7 day streak of consecutive new highs.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of USD

The modeled value for powered-up STEEM is basically flat since my previous post, on September 3.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of tron (TRX)

At $0.114, Tron is showing strength in terms of powered-up STEEM dropping below the 800 million line for the first time since July 8.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of Steem Dollars

Valued by SBDs, powered-up STEEM gained strength by more than half a million tokens between September 3 and September 12.


Value of powered-up STEEM as a percentage of Steem's market cap

Fifty days above the 1/3 line and thirty days above 34%. The highest observed value was downloaded on September 4, at 35.46%. For the last few days, it has been drifting up and down across the 35% line, with today's downloaded value at 35.28%.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of bitcoin (BTC)

Still trending up against bitcoin but seeing resistance at the 2,000 BTC line.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of ethereum

Powered-up STEEM gained strength by about 3,000 tokens - more than 10% - against ETH.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of litecoin

Powered-up STEEM gained in strength against LTC by about 50,000 tokens or 12%.


  • Reference prices for STEEM and other tokens are downloaded from
Previous posts

The numbers are consistently bumping up. it is quite unfortunate the crypto bullish move did not lastlong. I guess that crypto for us.

It’s really a great news for this platform that market capacity and total powered up value of #steem is increasing. Thanks for this deep analysis.

Powering up and holding STEEM always help to raise the demand and value of STEEM. Glad to see this chart and market cap valuation of STEEM.

Saving steem in the form of power is certainly more profitable in the long term. What do we need to do as a participation to support the strengthening of the steem exchange rate?

Thanks for the comment. This is a good question:

What do we need to do as a participation to support the strengthening of the steem exchange rate?

I don't think there's any right answer, and it could be the topic of an entire blog post, but I think it comes down to just one or more of a few basic things:

  • Do things that attract people to visit the site (create interesting & informative content, recruit people, share links to other social media platforms)
  • Do things that keep people here (vote, comment, and resteem articles of others so that content creators feel that their work is appreciated)
  • Invest by buying Steem and/or powering up author rewards

To a large extent, I think the exchange rate is driven by external factors, but if we have any chance of influencing it, the concepts above are some of the ones I think to focus on.

Thank you for your appreciation. I think all of us on the steemit platform, have hope that the value of steem and SBD will strengthen.

I've posted several ways to strengthen promo-steem, I hope that massive #promo-steem can increase the value of steem. Promo-steem I think is one of the efforts to encourage the strengthening of the value of steem.

Five Path To Stenghen Promo Steem Sosial Media
I posted that, 6 months ago. It's been 6 months I have not been active in steemit, because I work in rural areas, there is no internet network. Currently, I want to be active again and will return to writing #promo-steem and of course take part in participating in promoting steemit.

Regards me,

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

there is nothing we make profit without powering up and its good for the steemit and me also, the more we power up the more earn from #steemit.

Steem’s rapid growth potential and it could enter the mainstream transaction system. With such expectations, the demand for it has increased among investors and users. Which is a positive aspect. It will take #steem to the top.

I want to increase my voting power, the steem that I have bought I have sent there and I will continue to do so.
I wish you a happy start to the week

Steem power is slightly high this week. May be that's why the staked amount is unchanged this period. But we should remember that the more we stake, the price of steem will increase.

Thank you, appreciated information. Greetings.

In my case, I have to propose it, and put the Powered Up into practice. Thanks for sharing.

I wish the value of Steem to be more prosperous in this continuity.

Powerup is really important for us

This week i have bought 200 steem. And i have a plan to buy more 300 as i want to stake 500 steem coin in a body so that i can earn some upvote from big users. It is a good way to boost earning as a small user like me. Thanks for this consistent update.

i am collecting till now to have minimum 500 steem and then power it up, one day i will do that .

And my goal is to power up every week something, doesn't matter how many i powered up.

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