UPDATED (Added Poll): Are you moving to HIVE, Staying On Steem or Do you plan on using Both?

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I will intentionally say very little in this topic but for those who might not know what HIVE is I will give a very brief and likely not completely accurate description of it:

HIVE is a new blockchain or as some like to call it a "sister blockchain" of Steem. Many of Steem(it) current/past witnesses and community decided they didn't like the direction STEEM(it) was going so they decided to create a new chain based on the same technology used on the STEEM blockchain.

This new chain / fork of STEEM is called HIVE. Steem users past information (posts and topics) was mirrored and placed on the HIVE chain upon launch but from launch forward the two chains (Steem and HIVE) will run independently from each other. You can log in to both the STEEM and HIVE chains using the same username and keys.

I won't get into why this happened, Instead I would like to pose the (not so) simple question.

(If you are reading this topic I will assume you know what STEEM(it) is)

Are you moving to HIVE, Staying On Steem or Do you plan on using Both?

  • HIVE


  • BOTH

  • Too MUCH drama (I'm leaving BOTH)

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.


Staying here until splinterlands moves if it moves... wasnt impressed with the rush job that hive was. Also the lawsuit over the name is a huge turn off... with some dapps stepping up steem has a chance to shine now that we a new era of witnesses. I am really confused about which chain esteem is posting to.

I'm wondering if picking the HIVE name was intentional as a simple google search shows the name is in use. As an end user, I'll likely use both but I will 100% be using any blockchain Splinterlands opperates on.


was going to try and use hive but keychain isn't working for me so cannot do anything on it, still here🤣 🤣 ✌️

I had some troubles with the log in and wallet as well.

Peakd.com seems to work better than Hive.Blog.

Oh, yea! @doitvoluntarily, Peakd is the way to go. It's just steempeak on Hive.

Peaklock is good. It works on Hive. They're working on Hive keychain. It's in beta. Fully functional soon.

Hive has been running smoother than Steem!

I'm done here. All I'm doing is lurking, and helping people over while I wait on my powerdown. 😂

Holler at me if you need any help.

no idea what that is lol thanks for the sugg though, i also read they got a cease and desist letter recently based on the name? wonder if or when that will change.. 🙂

I am going to do both for now but objective is to mostly be on Hive. Main reason is a lot of SMTs and users are still only on steemit and steem-engine so I don't want to lose all that. I spend over 3 years on steemit and although on and off it it was still a significant amount of effort and equity put in.

Me too, but Steem isn't steem anymore. It's Justin's toy. Hive is Steem. This..... This is just the skin we shed.

Yeah, its hard to let go of something we spent so much time on. I been here for 2+ years and will likely stick around. For the end user like us we don't really need to pick one place over the other.

I am going to Utilise both Steem and hive.

firstly because i think people shouldn't be judged on which platform they use and i don't want my content to be hidden on a platform if i choose one

and secondly many dapps are still undecided what they want to do and how they will operate so for me personally i will utilise both Hive and Steem

Eh.... Pretty sure most of em' are moving to Hive, if they haven't already.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Voted for

  • HIVE

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