Seems like all of it is being bundled together for HF21. Point taken though, as they have not officially annoucned it. Regardless, my opinion of all of the above is stated above.

I really hope they don't bundle it all together. More frequent, but smaller HFs would be nicer so we can stop the debacle that was HF20.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case since HF16. Every hardfork since then has come with all kinds of things bundled together. They see each hardfork as a risk, but of course, paradoxically, bundling all kinds of things into hardforks actually increases the risk.

All I'll say is - a) SPS code was completed a long time ago, and b) they are not talking about releasing SPS hardfork, but rather debating EIP and c) if you see their GitHub activity, they are coding in the EIP changes for the next hardfork. Make of that what you will.