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credit to @xpilar

Hello lovely friends!
November 1, 2020 there are still a few days left. Let's prepare ourselves to make #spud4steem successful. I always remember the advice of @xpilar and also @sultan-aceh to always increase our strength at Steem. One step that should not be abandoned is to always increase the Steem Power that we have. To add Steem Power, we can do a Power Up from our Steem.
We deserve to be happy that there is an initiative that invites blockchain users to do power ups which we know as SPUD4STEEM. The upcoming SPUD will be held on November 1, 2020.
To get involved in this agenda we can help by doing the following:

On this day:

  • We ask that Steemians who are able to POWER UP what amount STEEM they have on SPUD day.
  • We ask Steemians, who are about to turn off, to stop turning off for that day
  • We ask those who trade or sell Steem not to sell or trade Steem on SPUD day, Also to cancel all types of sales orders on the stock exchanges.

Why must join SPUD4STEEM?

As we all know, SPUD4STEEM is done to invite all Steemians to support this blockchain. There are several reasons why we are encouraged to participate in this agenda such as:

  • There is joy as one big family.
    When we feel united as one, we will feel stronger and last better. as a community on the blockchain, of course we hope to grow together. With the SPUD4STEEM agenda, it is hoped that a collective sense of belonging will grow.
  • Win together
    By joining together in SPUD4STEEm, we will win together. We will be able to strengthen each other. We also know that so many seniors at Steem are involved in supporting this program.
  • Promotes Steem
    By making posts about SPUD4STEEM directly or not, we become agents for spreading information about Steem. Moreover, we know that @stephenkendal is always active on Twitter in doing #promo-steem. I am sure that even if our contribution is small in Steem it will be a good deed and get good too.
  • Competition
    How nice it was when we found out that with SPUD4STEEM we were actually being invited to compete. We don't feel like we're against anyone. We are helping a movement that we can then enjoy the fruit of victory for. Even though we don't get a prize, I can assure you that we are the winners in this competition.


Image source [@kiwiscanflyi.


  1. To be eligible for prizes Steemit users MUST NOT BE POWERING DOWN 7 days before the competition starts on the 1st day of the new month, remember this competition is about powering up and not powering down. Any prize winner who is found to be powering down while in possession of a delegated prize will have the delegation removed – checks are done 😊
  1. Steemit users must have more than 100 Steem power in their wallet before #spud4steem & no more than 20,000 Steem power. Delegated Steem power (in or out) does not count towards any % increase.
  1. Steemit users must have a reputation of over 40 & under 75 to be edible for prize pool
  1. Participants must have at least 1 post before the 1st of the month talking about this contest & their intention of participating. A clear picture of their wallet showing account balances must be included before starting the contest. The tag #spud4steem must be used.
  1. Power up must be done on the 1st day of each month in your countries TIME ZONE. One power up per account per #spud4steem day.
  1. Your post on the 1st of the month must also show CLEAR screenshots of your wallet before & after power up, so that it is clear & easy to calculate the % increase of your powerup. Daily claimed rewards are not included.


Remember that you must use the code # spud4steem - please note that daily rewards are not included in calculations of increase in %

If you meet the six criteria above, you can consider how you are stated, how we will work out prize winners will be based on % increase in your Steem power, not how much you powered up


User 1 has 100 Steem and power's up 15 more Steem power which will be a 15% increase User 2 has 200 Steem and powers up 15 Steem Power more, which is an increase of 7.5% - so in this scenario user 1 has a higher % and is more likely to win a prize compared to user 2
These awards and gifts are designed to promote the launch of the Steem Blockchain to provide a better understanding of how Steem power supports the Steem Ecosystem.

Winners duties

We now ask all future winners to make a post corresponding to the October winners below with (Selfie), this is done to protect our kind sponsors from accounts that do not act in the spirit of the # SPUD4STEEM message.

We also will thank to all sponsors. here they are who very concern to this agenda.
@xpilar @steem.history @reflektor @hingsten @bippe @kiwi-crypto @steem-supporter @stephenkendal @steemchiller @kiwiscanfly @randulakoralage @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemitblog

Let Support SPUD4STEEM on November 1
Together we can make better

With all my warm regard from indonesia

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it


Hi @rokhani

Thank you for supporting and promoting SPUD4STEEM

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

and users may win a prize like you did :)

Thanks for this post


You are totally right.
Thank you for your appreciation
warm regard from Indonesia


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