Steem and self-improvement

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Hello lovely friends!
Since getting to know blockchain in 2018, I am still continuing to learn how to make it a means to develop myself. I still remember how it was when I just tried to join this blockchain without knowledge enough. But then I learn and find many excitements and new knowledge. So much knowledge that then changed the perspective and mindset in me.
Steem taught me a lot. I gained new knowledge from various people with various backgrounds.

Steems and self-improvement

Maybe someone will ask why Steem can be a way to build ourselves up. At least there are several reasons that make me proudly Steem has helped me a lot in developing myself.

1. Teaches hard work

Steem provides a very valuable lesson. we are required to always work hard. Nobody joins Steem just sitting around and relaxing. Everyone will feel the need to make new things. Always be conditioned to see the opportunities that exist.
Especially for me who joined Steem without using any capital. For me the ideas and work I post are assets. I hope that these assets that are not money will be of benefit to both others and myself. For others I hope that it will provide some understanding or other uses, while I get value economically as well.

2. Quality and originality

When I joined Steem I came to know that there are things that are always upheld. A working principle that will be a guide for every writer. Every work that is posted is a work of reliable quality and is not just a work of copy paste, plagiarism or other fraud. we are required to use ethics in our work. we must not recognize the work of others as our own. Therefore, if we are quoting someone else's work, we must also provide the source. This includes the use of illustrations.

3. Exercise patience

Steem is not a magic arena. He can't change something in an instant. Everything on Steem is a process. I feel what it feels like not to be rewarded like I expected. I remain patient and continue to work so that I know that I make it fun to work at Steem. I no longer think too much about how much reward I will get. because, expecting too much will only make us disappointed and ultimately despair.

4. Community

I became more aware of the need for a community. Steem gives us the opportunity to join community we want. Even STEEM itself is already a community. community which certainly has many advantages. With this community, we will get to know all sides of life on the blockchain.

These are some of the things I wrote today that make me proud to join STEEM.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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