Steem need our endurance and patience

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Hello lovely friends!
The big hope of everyone who joins the blockchain is a stable Steem value. Observing the movement of the Steem value several today which tend to be stagnant often makes people more passive. maybe if it is stable at high price it will make people feel at home working and be more creative.
However, in the midst of such difficult circumstances, we must have strong motivation to stay afloat and continue to look for gaps and be creative in our work. We can still remember that when the Steem value was high, many new accounts appeared. Post productivity is also very high so that when we open the platform it will look so fertile the addition of new posts.
It's different from the current condition. Low account growth makes it seem as if we are walking alone in the middle of an arid desert. We really hope there is a new oasis and we can stop by to sip the fresh water in the midst of thirst.

It takes patience and endurance

to be able to survive on the Steem we really need endurance and patience. We are not traders who only seek profit from crypto trading. We are also human as a whole who wants to vent various feelings, thoughts and ideas. we need lots of friends as a way of socializing. we know that as social beings, of course we need other people as a balance in life. we cannot allow ourselves to be in loneliness and solitude. We need to get friends who will be able to share with each other.
by sharing, we will be able to give thoughts, suggestions or expressions of our sympathy. In this way we can strengthen each other. We can give appreciation to others.
The desire to survive on the Steem must also be accompanied by patience. I still remember with advice from @xpilar and @sultan-aceh. They said we need to struggle and be patienc in Steem. They said that doing manything is Steem not just about Steem price as single reason. We know that the low value of the Steem prevents us from giving up. There is always a way for us to continue to survive, only our resolve must be strengthened to survive. without a strong determination, the motivation from outside will be less powerless.
Thus my writing this time, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it


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