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Hello lovely Friends!

Every time we open our platform of pride, we always hope to get reward as our income. We still remember when joining this blockchain hoping to get added value economically. that's why we never get tired and tired of creating content. There is a shred of hope we can add to the collected crypto. We are sure that even if you start from coin to coin, you will be able to have a greater value.

No ads on Steem blockchain

Talking about the income from our posts, have we ever thought why there is no advertising in Steem like in various other media? When we open other media, it will always be filled with advertisements. With that ad they get a lot of benefits. Advertisers pay the media owners and share them with content creators.
The more ads that come in, the more income will be. The more clicks that are made, the more money you get, and of course the distribution will be more widely given to shareholders in the media.
Whereas in Steem the owners are user, no CEO. So Steem will find it difficult to get ads because there is no payment mechanism to content owners and creators. Steem are more community-based and everyone in Steem is an owner who is free to do anything. This is one of the characteristics of blockchain that other media do not have.



Earnings on Steem

Even without advertising, Steem users still have the opportunity to earn income. content creators will receive rewards that can be accumulated and then converted into fiat money. The more upvotes, the percentage and ownership of Steem Power will increase the reward value.
The revenue management at Steem is the responsibility of the witnesses. Those who work to convert every post into blocks that will have economic value. content creators just keep on working and produce quality work while maintaining integrity so that they will get curation, upvotes or other gifts.

What we also have to do is continue to promote Steem in other mainstream media so that the existence of Steem will be increasingly recognized and used by more people. the more people who use it, it will certainly make Steem bigger. The bigger Steem invite investors to make Steem a business field by investing in Steem.
We know that there are so many Steemian who are very active in promoting Steem via twitter, for example, such as @stephenkendal, @sultan-aceh, and other Steemians.
so let's use Steem as a field for work and charity. I am sure that Steem will become a leader in the future.
Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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