We make our works as assets

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Hello Lovely friends!
Steem teaches us to be more creative. Creativity on Steems makes post even more interesting. With an interesting post, we can hope to get a big reward.
This is what makes Steem realize that we must always prioritize quality and originality in our work. In making posts, everyone is required to be accountable for what is produced. content creators will always be asked to be responsible both morally and legally. We must be able to prove to all steemians that what we produce is a useful work and is the best offering.
Morally, we must realize that we must not commit fraud by copying and pasting, plagiarism or other ethical social media actions that will damage integrity.

Work as assets

While joining the blockchain which provides complete independence, I have never used capital money. Maybe people who have excess capital and are passionate about crypto trading will use their capital to get big profits. By buying crypto when the price is low and selling when the price is increasing. In this way the perpetrators will benefit greatly.
However, I did not do this. I only rely on the works that I post to get rewards. I am fully aware that I am not a person who has excess capital. I just made social media activities that previously had no economic value into more useful activities. There is more value in getting coins through the rewards that we have collected.
At least, what I do will be of benefit and be able to fill in my spare time to continue my activities on this blockchain. Calculating, rather than not generating coins, posting on Steem will give you an impetus to continue working.
As a step to make work as an asset, we must also have thoughts such as buying and selling. In buying and selling, of course we have to think about various things including what types of commodities are being sold, where to sell and with what kind of promotions we will increase the selling value of our assets.
Examining this, we must be able to make our work an asset to be placed in a position that is easily seen by many readers. This means that when we post articles, photos, videos or other works, we need to choose whether to post them through the community or through our own blog. We also need to choose the right tags so that we can get a good response and the reward we expect. don't let us choose the wrong community, or tags that can result in low rewards or even get downvotes. As we know many community which give their support to the authors, such. #Project Hope lead by @crypto.piotr, #worldofxpilar lead by @xpilar and their team. by this way we can get many readers and then get support from them
In essence, we still have to pay attention to the work that we post so that we can make each post an asset that is released into the market and can benefit from the rewards we get.
For that, we must not give up hope to continue working so that there will be community in writing and one day we will feel better. And here the role of STEEM as a medium that truly respects the freedom of each user can be counted on. Steem provides economic value and makes user par more valued.
Thus my writing this time, hopefully this is useful.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it. Comments, upvote, reblog will be appreciated so much.

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