Binance Steem Witdrawal Current Status

in #steemlast year


Just in case if you don't know where the funds came?)

Read above in case u missed all the war)

Then after Real consensus witnesses took over the chain the town hall took place

The key idea of the negotiations was the DE-ESCALATION as @justinsunsteemit said; And what we got yesterday on twitter??


Shit rumors by Justin again. Asking Binance to use peoples Steem to vote up his puppets again to top 20

Followed by the answers by community:



Later on 3/8/2020

Latest @justinsunsteemit post seems the SSDD-style post

And my comment

Still wondering wtf wrong with that guy with his ups and downs?)


Thank you for the snapshot of your account of Steem at Binance.

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You right sir


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