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RE: Steem has Achieved the First B+ Grade on Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating

in #steem4 years ago

steem B in weiss ratings ......... okyyy
steem add in binance exange ................. okyyyyy
steem to the moon ................... soon ^^


when lambo?

Im actually reading this, while in a steem spaceship, that is on the way, to. the. moon."

hehe yeah right

Truce: @jassi No realy i am bro

Duce: here you go lying again, yo get off this guys post.

Truce: I thought you was sleep.

Duce: Well suprise, I AINT duh im posting am i not?

Truce: Well duh you ARE so why you asking, any way im bored, lets upvote this @jassi guy for no reason.

Duce: Thats the dummest thing i heard you say in the last 3 sec.

Truce: im doing it. AND it will be at 100%

Duce: Don't touch that mouse.

Truce: To late. (Click)

Duce: Bruhhhhhhhhhh

Apparently the lunar trip has commenced
Steem is heading for the top
Lets pray it goes smoothly

It can keep getting better man.. up Steemians