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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s

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Since I have been at Steemit, it is the first time that so many projects have been presented that are open to different types of creators and that include even the smallest ones, something that previously if you did not pay bidbots you were not valued or at least it was with difficulty, now there is a real valuation of real people to content creators who are really striving to be better and better, so far we continue to work as a team to grow the platform together, the three rs involves users, communities and steemit, it is simply because the Users are in charge of RECRUITING, or at least the greatest weight of this falls on them. The community is in charge of RETENING through the challenges, the activities, the challenges and contests that they carry out to be attractive to the users who come day by day to steemit, but also the users who we invite must take care of educating and teaching those new to adapt quickly, because there is no use inviting a new person and letting the communities retain him, if they have no idea what the communities are, or that they are labels or other things, they quickly get frustrated and Iran. and finally the REWARDS of which we see the example through mainly Steemit that has given more value to this platform and of course all those sponsors and other communities that have had the power to value and support users in this way.

Long live STEEM! 😎


Very much in line with our thoughts.

Thank you for your support.

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Just Curious why you are not down voting other post promoters. Such as the entire trending page.