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It has come to my attention that when a coin (which has proved itself already as a long term player) hits the value of 30000 Satoshi there is very often a psychological barrier which is broken at this point, leading to a sudden upsurge of investment and consequently an increase in the value of the coin.


I have been watching Steem closely for a long time and since it's low point a few weeks ago it has been slowly on its way back up.

And today for the first time in what feels like quite a long time, it broke the 30000 Satoshi value barrier.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 16.47.46.png

Let us see now how this news effects all those rich crypto investors out there!

Knowing that the value of one Steem has already once risen to around $2.50 there is no reason it cannot happen again :)

So, invest now or forever hold your peace 🙏🏻

CURRENTLY TRADING at $1.30 on Bittrex as you can see above.


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Let me know if you need any help with the technicalities of that :)

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Flying again 😘

Yeaaaahhhh 😃🙌

Go steem go!!!! Loving it :)

Spent some time visualising this yesterday. Not gonna claim I've learned to control the markets with my mind! But this but it does feel connected somehow 🏄🏻

Ever since my friend said it needed to go over 30,000 satoshis, I had a target... easier to visualise suddenly!

Next visualisation will be for $100 value for one Steem!!! Jeez, wouldn't that be lovely ;)

OMG Heartattack just thinking about it. Let's continue dreaming high and go on to visualize together. We really deserve this! 🐲🐲🐲

It will keep rising until it hits the 60,000 Satoshi mark. So that will be just under $3. Then there is another little barrier it will need to break through... after which the sky is the limit!

As a total amateur it's strange how I seem to understand the way the markets work now! Much of it is instinctive.

yeah,yeah, yeah. been watching it too. bitcoin also on the rise.

Exciting times!

I've actually sold a little bit finally, just to make sure I've got some cash for the coming months. Gonna need it, so I'm happy Steem is on the rise today :-)

I HAVE to see some every week to support my family, which in situations like this is tough to do! I want to hang on to as much as I can :)

Aye, I understand that! So far, I haven't ever powered down yet and I'm not planning on doing that any time soon either. I don't power up a lot though, because I want to have some cash ready for my crypto creditcard.

Gosh I'm happy to be earning a little bit here on Steemit :-)

You and me both :) THREE CHEERS TO STEEMIT!

...and all our hard work ;)

Aye, let's not forget the hard work :D

Excellent post. To arrive to 2.5 we have to share this community to all friends while more demand more high prices.

That will certainly help. The more people investing into this currency the better. An as a Steemit user you are ultimately a crypto investor who can generate it without investment ;)

I agree with you to my friends i tell that invest is the better way

Let's hope we are going to continue to head north! 🐓🐓

I have seen it already. Collectively we feel it coming...

But must consistently remind ourselves that the greatest pleasure of this crazy steemit ride must always be the joy which comes from the creation of our posts!

Getting rich is a convenient side effect ;)

That's great news thank you for sharing

My pleasure :)

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