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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s

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It is easy money! Just comment on Diary Games posts before @steemcurator01 arrives to vote and you could be selected to get a $10 upvote.

It is not easy, posting a blog takes less time, and posting 20 comments or more takes 4 hours time, because before commenting we need to read the blog each time.

The second point is that due to convergent linear reward the 10% upvote is not $10, rather $7.55(however, with 100% upvote it is $100). But still, worth engaging with that prize. I am not complaining. Just putting forth the fact.

Definitely, the simple challenges like #thediarygame not only brought real people to this social domain but also engagement, which was missing earlier. Not to forget this also lowers the barrier to entry.

Retention has been a problem in the past. You may notice an influx of bloggers during the next bull run, but the community does not live like that. Regardless of what the market sentiment is, the blockchain turns over its page every day and people live that page every day. Put simply, the initiatives periodically can make it alive.

The next big problem could be if the number of participants gets bigger how would you scale. Let's say you have 2000 participants and submissions each day. Curation may be an issue to handle such a larger number of entries. So that is one area to work out.

So one fo the solution can be a collaboration with different communities to whom you have delegated your SP and tasked them to a coordinated curation for the initiatives like this.

Some people may not be celebrity kinda to bring new people in huge numbers, so the point system will not be encouraging for them as they can't win. So it would be better to fix an upvote or steem reward for bringing each new people. To prevent abuse you can define a cool off period of 15 days activity of the newcomer to be eligible for the award to the recruiter. This is just my opinion.


before commenting we need to read the blog each time.

This is just right and with every text, for which he usually takes a lot of effort, intended by the author, by the blogger!
How sad would it be if we would write only for (high) votes and not for readers anymore?!

Saya setuju dengan anda, sebisa mungkin semua yang terlibat dan memiliki kualitas mendapatkan reward yang memadai. Karena ada juga kualitas postingannya rendah tetapi mendapatkan upvote yang besar. Seharusnya ada keadilan dalam distribusi upvote. Harus sesuai dengan kualitas penulisannya dan juga orisinil. Orang-orang yang anda delegasikan SP harus adil dalam mengkuratori para penulis. Jangan sampai ada yang menguntungkan pihak-pihak yang tidak berkualitas. Semoga ini mendapatkan perhatian dari anda @steemitblog.

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