This is insane.. Steem marks over 200% gain in no time!

in #steemlast year (edited)

A screenshot from @coingecko website.. It turns out steem is the only asset which shows a green signal despite the ever bearish tanking world market!


It is really insane. People are buying more inspired from the announcement of hive blockchain. I wanted to buy more but now at this price level it seems impossible!


Finally price hike happened when it is going to end :(

I'm happy that I didn't sell much and still have over 5k coins in my wallet.

Just yesterday I sold 315 steem. ayoyo ayoyo

Yeah... I sold 150 Steem at 12 cents a day ago....bad decision.

Oh! This feels really bad 😌.

Yeah... oh well.

It was purely on luck. But we can able to easily predict the price hike if we think logically. No worries. What we got is enough. I Am happy with it. ;)

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