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Hi @justinsunsteemit, I cannot express enough my agreement with everything you stated here.

However, I'm sure you're pretty aware by now that people you are dealing with don't speak the language of a sane person, of a businessman who wants the best for himself, and inevitably, for the rest of the people.

The capitalism principle is clear - if you're getting richer (by increasing the value of STEEM token), ALL the other holders of the token are getting richer too.

I hope it's more than obvious to you by now that witnesses you're talking with do not understand the concept of private property and hard earned money, because most of them (if not all) are bunch of hard-core communists, hungry only for power and petty personal benefit, and give ZERO FUCKS about the community (as all other good communists throughout the history of the mankind).

I sold out all of my STEEM token long ago exactly because of this reason - because I realized that this platform is run by a bunch incompetent, power-hungry commies, who did NOTHING to improve the platform, barely to increase the value of the token. I wanted to get out before it was too late.

So I'm afraid you and them don't speak the same language, and you never will.

Having this is mind, I sincerely hope you'll be able to crush them like a bunch of useless cockroaches, which they really are.

Remember that there is a minority of people here who support you, and who understand the value of hard earned money and hard work.

All your witnesses voted from my account (moral support only, not much of a SP), and this post resteemed.

Best luck to you in your fight with ideologically possessed!!!


Putting the witnesses and ideology aside, ignoring all factors but Justin, do you genuinely feel that this man is presenting himself as somebody fit to run such an enterprise and expand it, improving its reputation? A man that literally and actively hates the community, of which the vast majority have voted against him and yet has seen only this post as a response?

When you think of the top CEOs in the world, do you think of twitter feeds like this?

This reads like a child coked up to the eyeballs because shit ain't going his way.

Continuing to ignore outside factors:

Justin admitted openly that he made this purchase without doing any research on what he wsa buying. He had and still genuinely has no idea what this place actually is. This isn't our assumption, this is literally what he said; his words. He said he did not even know about this place until a couple of weeks ago (though that short is probably a lie, likely a month or so)

Do you envision wealthy CEO's and capitalists purchasing such large projects on a whim like that? Or do you envision them hiring professional legal advisors, doing their homework and analysing the pros and cons?

This is not a reply defending anyone or anything, but highlighting how your praise for him as some great leader seems a little... contrived?

Finally, you should know that, though I don't know about justin himself, he is the protege of Jack Ma, a very, very pro-communist party member. Given that his business model is like an absolutely chaotic, childish version of what Jack Ma has succeeded in doing in China, it stands to reason that he is of the same mindset. Calling the witnesses commies (of which I am absolutely not as I'm sure you know by now) in such a derogatory way is likely insulting Justin and his mentor (and indeed, his home country).

I get that you're all anti-witness and such which is fine, but your comment seems otherwise pretty blind to what is clearly the publication of a boy raised on millions of cash and little else, having a hissy fit while his teeth grind and his spinal fluid drains away.

... Might make for fun friend on a night out, but supreme overlord of the blockchain? Nah.

a true businessman who express himself as a spoiled brat?. Constantly lying and changing the narrative?, making promises and taking different actions.

No, I am sure as hell I wouldn't want to do someone who shows such sociopathic behavior. No wonder most of the community doesn't want to do anything with him.

gosh i think i just fell in love

Hello @scienceangel so very well said I agree 100% and as you know most people here keep silent for fear of what the former top 20 witnesses can do to them . @justinsunsteemit I personally know several accounts that are dolphins and they agree with you 100% but they stay silent for fear of an attack from the former top 20 witnesses . A lot of this community are with you but stay silent because they are afraid .

I have nothing to be afraid of, and I couldn't care less ;)