The Bird is the Word...... Out of the Woodwork and into the Fire

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Sooooooooooo..... Hello again Steem, I never left and I'm always around but I haven't had the determination or will power to post much nowadays. With the onslaught of the 'TRON Invasion" and all the posts that have been bandied about regarding the demise of Steem and how Justin Sun might be a good or bad thing for the blockchain, I thought I'd write something about it..... So here it is.....

Has anyone noticed the marked upswing in the price of Steem over the past few days??? How about the increase in the number of posters coming out of the woodwork (me included)? This, all because someone decided to do something about the blockchain, someone who knows a lot about the blockchain. Now I am not sure where this will go eventually but I think in the medium-long term, the Sunninator's venture into the Steemsphere is a positive.


The well combed hair of Ned has finally left the building, however, this should have happened a long time ago as he has wafted around, spending copious amounts of his pre-mined Steem on hair products and Nair to ensure his well-groomed testicles (though very small) are also smooth as his baby-faced. Only in recent times has Steemit showed any signs of any activity, and we all know why now!

Where to from here then? The community is strong. Already, in a few days, the long-awaited launch of communities is close at hand. These types of moves and improvements are only a good thing for Steem.

Another interesting development is the number of new users that seem to be posting from the TRON network. TRON devotees are already adopting the social media aspect of Steem and posting their little hearts out. This can only be a good thing in the long-term.

The next thing will be to see where the Sunninator take the chain next. It can't be worse than what Neddy has accomplished over the past 12 months or so. I am excited at seeing this community, which I have been involved in for many moons, find another spark and start to stand up and be counted again.....

Looking forward to the next chapter.


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Surely can't be worse than what Ned didn't do.

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