How To Delegate & Undelegate Steem Power In 2020

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Hey everyone,
I noticed that all the previous methods used to delegate Steem don’t work because of updates to SteemConnect and the lack of updates to various services that provide this. I was getting very concerned and irritated by this as I previously used I have since figured it out and want to share the issue with you so you can continue delegating as usual. It currently uses v2 of SteemConnect so when you update or remove a delegation you will see this error below:

The simple fix here is that you need to replace v2 in the URL with beta. So for example if I wanted to remove my delegation to Fundition I would use the link:

For you to do the same all you have to do is replace the delegator and delegate names and then set the vesting share to the correct share you’d like to invest. Currently I have it set to 0 for removing a delegation. For your convenience I have included a link below with “YOURUSERNAME” and “DELEGATEEUSERNAME” in caps for you to easily replace with yours and who you want to delegate to or change a delegation to.

For determining vesting shares I couldn’t find a good converter that is still working so I just went to my own SteemD account at You can just type in your username instead. I found my vesting shares which were 3,916,093 and then divided that by my total staked Steem of 1,996. That gave me a total of about 1962 of vests per Steem power staked. That means if you wanted to delegate 100 Steem you would multiply it by 1962 which would equal 196,200 vests. Vests may change over time, but you should be able to follow the same method as me to double-check in the future. Also, before you confirm, SteemConnect will display the Steem power value you are trying to delegate so you know you made the correct conversion.

I also found that using you can navigate to your username using thanks to a tip from @moderndayhippie

Navigate to the 6th tab called “Delegations” and here you edit or remove delegations using your private key or via SteemConnect of which they link the correct URL.

Hope this helps! Keep on Steeming 😊


Or you could just use 😉 Its much easier.. just scroll down on left side of page till u see the delegate tab..

Oh wow nice! I never have used SteemWorld for that before. No one suggested it to me when I searched around before. Thanks!

nice thanks @scottcbusiness . a was struggling to find a solution. has been so use to using the steembottracker. but job done. :)

Same I struggled a bunch. Glad to help!

Is it time to sell all Steem and buy Bitcoin? Ethereum ?

It really is :( I'm looking at BAT, ETH, LBC, 1UP, and TRX since they're taking over Steemit and DLive

Why not wait for justin to pump steem to the moon?

Why would he do that? Lino blockchain from DLive is going to be abandoned

Dlive is shit. Justin just bought 70 million steem, he aint playin bro!

My point is for the other dapp he bought, he is abandoning the chain entirely

dlive chain is garbage and doesn't have any value to justin, he owns 70 million steem, if you think he's going to abandon his brand new investment with 70 mil steem you've got to be out of your mind.

He may offer a token swap or something who knows. I'm interested to see what happens at least

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The post everybody needs to read if they left the community for a few months :D

Thank you for this! Had to Re-Steem it!

One of the few remaining methods to manage delegations. Thanks for this recent writeup and the prepared undelegate link you posted above.

Happy to help my friend

I was able to undelegate via as previously mentioned options did not work out.

Also very handy tool to manage your delegations.

After finding your delegatee, you can use to undelegate or delegate.

Do you know which accounts are paying out rewards for delegating to them?

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