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RE: My Thoughts on The Platform Right Now

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are you building your site on Wordpress @kimberlylane? using Steempress to share the content to Steem? Some really large sites are built on WP... I've used the platform for years.

Back in the early 90s ... I was the person from the late 50's generation trying to talk to people born in the 30s and 40s about this thing called the World Wide Web and how it was going to change how we live, work and communicate. I got a lot of 'she's crazy' looks and very little feedback. Now, those same people having heard me talk about being on Steem... are calling me over to explain what crypto and blockchains are when they hear them talked about in the media.

So hang in there. They are seeing and hearing you. They just aren't making the connection yet.

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I'm actually building a site on squarespace. It's more to do with a counseling thing I want to launch, but also includes blog posts.
Thank you for the encouragement :)