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Hi Friends,

My name is Siavach, I am French and I have been present on Steem since August 2016. I heard about Steem from a close friend and it has been 3 and a half years that I have been on this platform. Here is my presentation article 48 months ago. Today I have evolved a bit and actively participate, despite my pure IT skills in Witness @future.witness

My #introducetourself post

I was very successful, in all steemit photo contests. Here for example my first participation with second place, then to my second participation first place.

Here, I tried to share my passion and the Steemit community gave it back to me. Today, having become a father, and having closed my photo agency with which I took a lot of photos, I take a lot less photos. So I also share less.

On the other hand, having been completely self-taught, I learned photography through two processes that I would like to offer here as curation in the Photography community. This community was created recently and already has 1226 even. I specify that I am not the creator of this community.
Here are the two procedures with which I trained :

Videos and tutorial articles (mainly in English, but possibilities to have curation in other languages ​​with a lot of commitment like Korean)
Photo criticism (mainly in English, but possibilities to have curation in other languages ​​with a lot of commitment like Korean)

##Vote for the (good) Tutorial
The first point is easy to target. It will be a question of voting for those who create quality content AND also people who will share tutorial videos from other sources on the condition of adding personal work, for example a manifest application of the tutorial on their own work.
The contents must mix, contents for professional, amateurs and beginners. For me it’s something important. A human community is rich only in its diversity. The aim of the group will be to raise the general level. Professionals may be reluctant to participate because the number of readers is low. But no one prevents an amateur from one day having professional level.

##Share our knowledge with each other via photo criticism
Photo criticism is a few difficult things. I warn you already that this project will be long and difficult to carry out. However, I want to pilot it at the start and then offer it to the community.
The goal here will no longer be to vote for direct creation. It will be a matter of voting for comments and reactions from the community. Indeed, in the #photography community, if a person posts one of their creations with the hashtag #criticizemyphoto
The members of the community will then frankly criticize the proposed photo and give constructive advice. In this case, we will vote for the best comments.
Trolls are not allowed and will be downvote. As well as insults and gratuitous wickedness.
For this process to work, the person offering his photo must be sincerely open to criticism and the person giving his opinion must do so in a caring manner.

If this project is accepted, I propose to make it work at the beginning. The idea will be that this project survives my engagement and that the community realizes that collaborative intelligence is the most important thing on our platform.

Please note that my languages ​​of publication are French and English. I also speak and write Persian, but I have never produced anything in terms of content in this language.
Finally, and it is truly sincere and selfless on my part, I would like to thank @steemit for this initiative. This kind of thing has been long overdue. Indeed, we’ve been very interested and we’ve been talking too much lately about the witnesses, and the financial interests related to them. However, we often forget that monetary creation in the #steem ecosystem is also largely based on votes. I find this initiative excellent, community based with clearly decentralized reasoning.
Suddenly, I am going to follow very carefully the 97 other initiatives that are going to be proposed.

Thank you for your confidence and for reading this little text. Do not hesitate to comment and give me your opinion, that interests me. And above all, friends, if there are other people interested in this proposal, especially join me in the adventure.

Do not hesitate to vote for our witness in any case:

@Siavach, dad, photographer and
Salsa Dancer

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