I read the writings of a handsome Australian man @tarazkp.

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I read @tarazkp's writing the article titled The hardest part and the miraculous creation of a community. @tarazkp seems to be a handsome Australian man wearing sunglasses.

I don't know much about Steemit, cryptocurrency, Tron and Hive.
However, while reading @tarazkp's article, I learned a little. I'm not good at English, but @ tarazkp's writing is easy and fun. Koreans like me could easily read it. @tarazkp seems to be an excellent writer. In particular, he had excellent insights into the Korean community. I do not belong to the Korean community, so I do not know the Korean community.

Koreans don't know much about Australia. This is because the Japanese give Korea information about Australia. So, Koreans know Australia as the primary industrial country for agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries.
I am not saying bad Japanese. What I'm saying from now on may be disagreeable to Australians, but I hope you understand.
Please understand this is my personal opinion.

Modern Japanese seem to ignore Australians as inferior whites. The reason is that Japan enters seven developed countries in the West = G7, but not Australia.
The Japanese believe that they are on par with Americans, so they seem to believe that whites in Australia, Europe, and Americas who are not in the seven developed countries of the West are inferior to the Japanese.

The Japanese I met also said that Japan is superior to the small countries in Western Europe, Russia and poor Eastern European countries. Japan's economy is the world's third-largest country after the United States and China, so South Korea must be controled by Japan, of course. The Japanese who said this to me were about 50 years old.
I never intended to slander the Japanese. Japanese people often have different personalities and behaviors.
He would have said that to emphasize to me that Japan is a developed country on par with the United States.

Korea seems to recognize Australia as the primary industrialized country through Japan to receive overseas news and information.
By the way, I was surprised to see the writings of a handsome Australian man @tarazkp. He had excellent insights into East Asia. In particular, he is an excellent writer, with excellent vision and prediction as a businessman and manager.
He was familiar with the characteristics, areas and roles of the Korean community.

Koreans promote to other Koreans that they can earn money by writing at the steemit, making other Koreans join their community. They were only planning to make money through Steemit. They propagated to lend steem power to other Koreans and make money.
So, Koreans mainly join the Korean community and earn money by voting and recommending each other.
Koreans are not interested in talking to foreigners because they make money by voting and recommending each other.

Currently, Korea's broadcasting, publishing, media, and entertainment industries are dominated by capital in China and Japan. So, all the foreign information and news that Koreans receive is partial, subjective, and incomplete.

Looking at @tarazkp's excellent ability, I thought Australia was a developed country.
I want to get help and advice from him in the future.