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RE: Warning to vote buyer/sellers! - Introducing GrumpyCompliance, mandatory in 14 days. (No more post-promotion allowed past 3.5 days)

in #steem4 years ago (edited)

I hate shit this. More auto flagging bots on steemit means more problems. Steemit is confusing for new members, now they gotta learn all this stuff as well. For a ''decentralized'' platform there are alot of rules to keep track of. I also see that i am maybe to only negative comment in the post, i cant believe that an auto spamming bot account would get so much love considering how hated the rest of the auto spamming bot are. I might get flagged but whatever.

And just to finish off, this grumpycat account has made 1 post and the payout so far is $540. Wheres that money go? into the community it's ''serving'' are the owners pockets. Yeah, thought so......

Auto Flag (spam) bots = big money for owners. Dont pretend your helping others by forcing rules and filling your pockets.

I might be way off with comment and if so, im sorry but to me it looks like another spam bot.


De-centralised means the community decides the rules, not that there aren't any.

Grumpycat has a huge investment into this platform, so that will explain why these posts are high value.