Best Steem trading wallet with ultra high security?

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Hello again Steemit, I am back with another trading wallet. This time it's OpenLedger. As I have said in a previous post of mine when there were some problems with steem “openledger is allowing users to trade steem by contacting support” this was a good solution to the problem however this was slow and not very easy.

download (1).png

Now openledger has opened their trading for steem again allowing users to trade steem for any currency using BTS. I have been using openledger for a little while now for my trading and it is really good. Openledger also has two different security options, one being just a simple username and a password but the other which is what I’m using is having to upload the provided file when you create your account and then inserting your password. This is a lot more secure than a lot of services an is one of the main reasons I am using openledger as well as its usability.

To make your life easier I have provided a link to openledger's sign up page.
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I wonder what makes openledger better or easier. What I do find most annoying is the registration, days waiting, etc beside the fact I already have 3 wallets.

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I haven't yet had a problem with registration as i found it to be almost instant, please reply if you believe im missing something here.

That might depend on the country you live in as well

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