I did. Normally I would be against doxxing, but in this case, I feel it is warranted. @zeartul scammed many people out of a lot of money.

idk bro im kinda speechless right now.

He's a criminal and needs to brought to justice.. So I say good his info will be released

should the same be done for the criminal actions of doxing?

I dont know much except bellyrub stole a bunch of money, that is wrong and i am not defending him for that. taking legal action in a lawsuit or whatever is one thing but threatining to relese all his info and his familys and friends if demands arent met within a time line is also wrong (imo).
The info could have been shared amoungst the people trying to move foward with legal action but the way its going is just mafia style stuff.
whos to say one of the people he ripped off isnt some crazy fuq thats now going to go to his house and familys house and kill them all? or even a bystandard like the doxer is and decieds this person deserves what ever they do because they stole?
sorry for the winded response i just dont agree with using wrong doings as justifacation for more wrong doings.

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