Please don't spread unbacked claims like that. It only tells something about you nothing else.

it is a fact , anybody can check it . and flagging my comment also tells a lot about you

Maybe I shouldn't have flagged but you can't come on my post claiming something that you aren't backing. It's beside the point but @themarkymark is someone I respect and with whom I've developed a trust relationship and consider a friend. He would have so much to lose from acting dishonestly on a blockchain where everything is public. No one is above messing up but then you would have to provide proof of what you're saying and not telling me I can simply verify your very vague claims.

If I didn't know @themarkymark I might have simply ignored your comment but I know him and thus why I felt compelled to flagged your unbacked claims.

everything has been reported , you can flag me or love marky as much as you want . real cleaning is coming

oh ok , marky's upvote explains everything

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