Cryptocurrency Awareness Campaign: Steem Statistics [Original Illustrated Infographics]

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Spreading the Word of Steem

The Steem blockchain is a big deal. Literally, Steem leads the pack (ahead of Bitcoin, Ethereum) when it comes to daily transaction volume and capacity for future growth. We @sndbox wanted to illustrate just a handful of Steem’s most impressive statistics and help put this in perspective! Steem is an all-star coin, not an alt-coin.

Here are a few fast facts that illustrate Steem’s incredible speed and daily usage. All statistics are via @blocktivity, and their blockchain data website -





Let’s Talk About Scalability

One of the most compelling statistics of Steem is its ability to scale. Right now, the Steem blockchain is only utilizing ~0.1% of it’s capacity. Compare that to Bitcoin (overloaded at 100%) and Ethereum (nearly 50% on a good day). In this category, Steem rocks the competition.


Even at 0.1% capacity, Steem literally leads the pack when it comes to transaction volume! While Ethereum might come close to 1,000,000 daily transactions - Steem routinely handles that amount without breaking a sweat.


More Steem Stats!

What other statistic would you like us to illustrate? Let us know your thoughts below and help us spread the word! Please feel free to use these graphics as you promote and explain the incredible utility backing Steem.

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Steem on!

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I love these graphics, so clean and professional and really help communicate concepts that often are too confusing for the average user to comprehend.

thank you!

This is a very wonderful statistics and I am happy to see Steem growth , as well as activity, can't wait to see where we are another year from now...

2018 will be a banner year for this incredible community :)

Interesting stats you’ve presented here. I think I’ve seen this mentioned somewhere recently...

You’re welcome for the inspiration!

Well thank you @ats-david, Slayer of Statistics ;)

Yes! Absolutely. As you mentioned in that post it's super important for Steemians to push a strong message relaying Steem's superior blockchain, not just "blog and get paid" which we agree is just "icing." In 2018 we need more action surrounding the actual cake.

d*mn 0.1% capacity. Steem future looks bright. Thanks for the visual graphs.

that's a big deal that is frequently overlooked! Go Steem!

Great Illustrations very useful to show other people how powerful Steemit Blockchain is, great work!!!

Thanks so much @masterthematrix! Feel free to share :D

Scalability & Usage graphics look super clean! #future 👊

Thanks for the kind feedback! Steem onwards and upwards!

Steemit blog chain is the new future. It can change the thinking of youth and help them in many ways.

Oh, so long we laughed at her. But most of us traded and won in it

Ripple to the moon !! Soon!!

  • Steem for the record,

  • Steem is the future of now,


Yeah great illustrations and facts to explain the power of Steem. Thanks...

Glad these have helped paint the bigger picture :) illustrations are key to spread the message!

not statistics, but infographics about user friendliness of steem, for instance nicknames rather than complicated addresses. well designed btw, will definitely be useful to share with friends

Here in our area only a small portion of the community is aware about crypto and steem. I have talked about it with some colleagues from work and was able to get some on board. I'm still currently working to get more on board. To attract more people I am currently creating content about culture not the ones which are popular. I try to focus on content based on small events , local trade or produce and life within our community or small town. This is to give attention to little things within our country not given much attention and at the same time a good way to spread the word out. As we grow also planning some charity work within the community to give back in the future. Thank you for the stats which would be useful to more of my colleagues and to the community.

This is impressive that we use right now only 0.1% of the total capacity of Steemit blockchain capacity.

There's a ton of room to grow!

when I see those stats, and other coins, I ask myself why btc is still leading with massive diference.

There are a lot of reasons why some coins lead others.. next year should be a big one in terms of identifying which cryptocurrencies have true utility behind them. Steem is one of the very few that have disruptive utility and a huge community backing it.

Well I am here to stay, how about everybody else?

Awesome graphics! Thinking of doing a Steem/Steemit explainer to my channels soon, and these will certainly be utilized. Is there a transparent .png version of the graphics perhaps?

It's helpful to see data regarding the steem blockchain in the form of easy to understand infographics!

What are your thoughts on steem's daily volume? According to Coinmarketcap, about $6M USD worth of steem trades hands every 24 hours. This is a small amount relative to some of the top cryptos. For example, EOS has a daily volume of $500M.

Granted, these figures reflect what is being transacted on the exchanges. Nonetheless, perhaps this is where steem is lagging behind - it has little representation on the major crypto exchanges. Will Steemit Inc address this?

Impressing numbers and awesome infographics! Thank you!

Thanks @atmosblack! Glad you like them :D

This is captivating, i look forward to see more of you, these because there is power in information.

Hello @sndbox

Thanks for this revelation. These stats are such an eye opener. It is reassuring and confident boosting to the members of the community that no one is making a mistake investing in steem blockchain.

With a grateful heart,
I'm @eurogee of @euronation team

Im impressed with the graphic images. Really captivating!

Can we have stats on transaction fees?

This is exactly what I needed to show those damn skeptics hehehe
Cheers man.

Is there actually a limit to steem and sbd like there is to bitcoin?

According to the Steemit FAQ page...

Starting with the network's 16th hard fork in December 2016, Steem began creating new tokens at a yearly inflation rate of 9.5%. The inflation rate decreases at a rate of 0.01% every 250,000 blocks, or about 0.5% per year. The inflation will continue decreasing at this pace until the overall inflation rate reaches 0.95%. This will take about 20.5 years from the time hard fork 16 went into effect.

Wow I see! Thanks for letting me know!

Great post there, keep up good work !

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It is very interesting to see such detailed statistics. Excellent post

This is excellent news! Great work on the graphics, I posted this link on my pages to send you extra traffic and linkjuice :)

this is really incredible @sndbox, SO illuminating! This really puts the potential of steem in perspective, thanks for putting this together!

More power to everyone here on steemit and steem. I'm pretty sure that steem will grow larger next year.

Beautifully done, thank you!

Very cute graphics

semoga steemit terus berjaya sukses terus

thanks for the info ! resteemed!

How do you measure and compare security on BTC vs STEEM?

How many $$ would it take to attack the BTC chain? How many would it take to attack STEEM?

Love it. Although, that bright blue is so bright it isn't very comfortable to look at for very long, just a though :)

Good post, thanks

Great illustrations of the advantages of Steem! Just reassured me why I'm on here ;)

Outstanding presentation great work very nice .

1 million transactions per day 😲🚀
A scalability of 11,000 transactions per second!
Steem blockchain is ahead of the pack.

Great infographics that break down the info for those not well versed on the blockchain glossary. Resteemed!