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RE: Offer to Purchase for Custody of the Steem Community

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In the world of business, you just can't make offers based off so little. First you need real commitment from real investors who intend to purchase. You also need to have the details of the original purchase so that you can make a respectable offer that will meet the needs of the seller. If you intend to raise monies based upon fundraising effort of this magnitude, you need to have previous history of equivalent fundraising to prove you have the ability to accomplish the amount promised. The offer should be formally submitted to Justin Sun's legal team and not through a post on a social media.

Also, I am not a salesman, but I don't believe a good sales tactic should include a threat. Especially one that everyone can witness.


Thank you for the tips. It seems our witnesses know very little about how businesses work. This post is insinuating a corporation without knowing it's a corporation.

Like @alexs1320 said; it's little wonder why there are no investors, why the price went to hell, and why no one out there it taking us seriously. We need more business-minded people to move the chain forward, not just tech geeks.

Every sane business person would run away never to come back again.

Even today, chat with Sun, a guy just had some fun during the lunch break, he is not taking Steemians seriously at all *(and he is smart for doing that)

Let the children play...