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RE: Your guide to setting up a Witness Server (STEEM-in-a-box HF19)

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hey teamsteem, I got a question when I try to update/create my witness in network by running this code: update_witness "YOURNAME" "" "STMxxxxxxx" {"account_creation_fee":"0.200 STEEM","maximum_block_size":131072,"sbd_interest_rate":0} true

should I only change the part that represented by YOURNAME and my key?
or I actually need to edit my own post, and the address of it is -
and the whole web link needs to be changed.

and the following information like account_creation_fee, maximum_block_size, sbd_interest_rate, should I fill up my own real situation or just use the value in the command I show?

It will be great if you can give my any hint about this!



You can link to one of your post or not but it would be preferable if you had a post link to your witness. You also need to change the block size and sbd rate.

You can find these here

The link to the witness post appear under URL.

Don't forget, it's the PUBLIC witness key that goes there not the private one.

Let me know if that helped.

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