well, you changed the terms after the start..i'm now on rank #2 on spinbot, seems not much professional to change the terms.

Please check our terms of service on :

there are no terms, just a single mean this? "Spinny has a strict no refund policy and reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice."


if i send you 3 STEEM, you have 3 STEEM full profit.
if i send you 3 STEEM, i have a sure losses of 0.2 STEEM/day ( are you crazy?) and no guaranteed profit.
Should i say more? :) There is no sense with a 0.2 burn every day, to join it.
if someone send you 10 steem, he has 2% losses every sigle day!

How many times were you upvoted by spinbot so far?

i'm down about 15$ ( losses)

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