Spinbot Announcement: Good News!!! I've Listened and Improved!

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Firstly, we would like to thank you for supporting our project. Without you, Spinny would be a sad and lonely bot!

The @spinbot project is a work in progress and its creators have worked really hard to make everyone happy and continue to improve Spinny's functionality. We've listened to user requests and have acted upon them to make Spinny even better!

What's New?

We've made a few key changes to @spinbot:

1.) Instead of 10 votes per day at 100pct VP we have asked Spinny to make 14 votes per day at 70pct VP.

This will result in a lower value vote but the chances of receiving one have increased by 40% so they will be spread around even more!

2.) Users have said that although they understand that digestion is necessary for the sustainability of the project they would like it reduced to a lower rate.

Spinny now digests at a rate of .1 SpinCredit per day which amounts to a reduction of 50% and gives users a much better chance to receive Spinny's love before having to top-off their credits!

We Need Your Help!

Another way you can help @spinbot is by making referrals!

Want to earn free SpinCredits? All you need to do is have a friend send SBD or STEEM to @spinbot and use your Steem account name in the memo field!

Each new friend that Spinny gains will make Spinny love you even more as you will be credited with .25 SpinCredits per new user!

For you to earn Spinny's credits, a new user should add your username with "@" in the memo field when enlisting. (@username)

Enjoy earning Spinny's credits!

Thanks for everything you do. If you have ever fed Spinny he will remember and love you forever, don't forget it!

Visit us on the Web!

1.) Go to www.Spinbot.io for general information.

2.) To check your status as one of Spinny's friends, enter the following URL:
http://www.spinbot.io/username (The username is your steem account name)

For those of you that don't know what @spinbot is yet, there are some amazing new reviews about our service!

We would like to personally thank @buzzbeergeek for this outstanding review of our little Spinny!


We like to describe Spinny as an artificial lifeform spreading happiness in the form of up-votes. To join the revolution simply send a minimum of 1STEEM or 1SBD to @spinbot to gain a place in Spinny's heart.

Every user who sends 1 STEEM or SBD to @spinbot will be remembered forever and earns a chance to randomly receive one of 10 Spinny upvotes per day.

What can Spinbot do for you?!

Upvote PostsSBD / STEEMEarn a higher percentage chance of upvote based on total Steem investment.
Comment on PostsFREEPromote your blog when Spinny upvotes on other people's posts


Minimum Feeding Amount1 STEEM / 1 SBDMinimum STEEM / SBD you can send to @spinbot to be remembered
Daily Feeding Limits1-10STEEM or 1-10SBDMaximum STEEM / SBD limit you can send to @spinbot is 10STEEM / 10SBD per day
Chance of gaining upvote14 Random Votes Per Day (70% VP)Chance of Upvote depends on the amount of STEEM you have fed Spinny with. Two days per week Spinny ignores the amount it has been fed (assuming user has fed him a minimum of 1 STEEM or SBD) and votes randomly regardless of total amount sent.
Digestion.1 SC / DayThe amount of SpinCredits Spinny digests per day.

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We are happy to hear your thoughts!

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I like it! I hope spinny stays around for a long time!