Poloniex Withdrawal is Back

in #steem4 years ago (edited)


After weeks of impossibility to withdraw Steem from Poloniex the function is available again.

Quick reminder :

This is what you have to fill in on the Poloniex platform when withdrawing :


Address : stanleyfordyale ( put your steemit name )

Memo : Go to your Steemit Wallet then Permission then Memo. ( The Memo field is not required to be filled in for the transaction to be processed correctly ).

Amount : The amount of Steem you want to withdraw.

The Steem should arrive quickly to your Steemit Wallet.


Memo : Go to your Steemit Wallet then Permission then Memo ( copy and paste )

THIS IS WRONG. You should never paste your memo key in memo. Memo key is for encrypting private memos, not to share it with a world, that anyone could decrypt your private memos. Flagging because of dangerously misleading users. Please change that and notify me. I will be happy to unflag you.

You should learn more about keys on Steemit:

All right. I suppressed the " copy and paste " part and start learning about passwords and private keys. Thanks.