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RE: Why Did We Choose This Path?

in #steemlast month

Hi @trafalgar,

We are from Sri Lanka and we have build a curation account @steem-sri.lanka with the support of Sri Lankan members and some others. Currently it has 38K SP (even though we are a very small community ).

We initiate this curation project to vote within Steem Sri Lanka community but we understood there are lot of good articles with less votes outside the communities.

So we are voting for creative posts with less votes outside the community which doesn't take much attention of other community curator accounts.

We are eagerly looking for generous delegators to support us to lift our SP to 50K which is our next big milestone. And also we have initiated a curation trail to help members. For the delegators, we distribute 80% of our curation rewards and if you join with curation trial you can earn extra curation rewards when we vote.

We appreciate if you can provide us any kind of support to build our curator account.