200k delegation confirmed : Get our upvote

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We will like to thank @steemitblog for approving us a delegation of 200k steem power for the month of July. We had previously applied for the delegation to curate content posted on the tag #codeonsteem. We are pleased to know that we have got the delegation and we will use it for the benefit of steem.

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How to receive our upvote?

  • Post programming and related content with a tag #codeonsteem.
  • Abusing the tag will not be profitable.
  • We will manually vote for the post and will do further publicity if the content is exceptional and in benefit of steem.
  • You can be beginner or expert programmer to receive our vote.
  • You can motivate users to code on steem with facts and benefits.
  • You can announce your project made on steem with tag #codeonsteem.
  • Post being directly related to steem development is not mandatory but it should be helpful for those who want to develop on steem.
  • Programming series will be highly appreciated.

We will be upvoting after reading your post manually, so you can post in #codeonsteem even if you don't meet the above mentioned criteria but your post will help development in steem. But if your post is totally unrelated, please don't use the tag.

While you are planning to write a post, you can visit openmarket.

If you like what we are doing please support our witness!

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Only programming&coding?
No art, no girls?)

everything is good , but our major focus is to enhance posts with codes , open source and tutorials

I see)
But if you will have free upvote or if you,ll have nowhere to spend your SP don't forget to look with half eye)

sure ,, always here to support

Does it mean if there is a good art,U will give ur upvote,either?

great! I will be part of this.

thanks ,, it will be an awesome month for sure

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Hi @steem-supporter
I am developing this engagement tool on @steemit, any ideas on improving it with any apps or bots ?