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We would like to call all steem community to remove votes from top 100 witnesses that are disabled or stale and re-use their votes casting to active witnesses.

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Why is this needed?

Witnesses are who control the chain and every decision taken here, there are many witnesses still in Top 100, which are either disabled or stale and as people see this list in top 100, people keep on voting them, not realizing they are wasting their crucial power.

The list of top witnesses that are disabled or stale are as follows

Group 23.png

How can you take part in this campaign?

To take part in this campaign, you can just begin by removing your vote. You can resteem this post or write a post about the issue. You can use the list given above and no need to give us credits. You can ask your friends to join the campaign and you can do anything it takes to pass the message. It is much needed to steem and our combined effort will make it happen.

Shout-out to few stake holders and proxies whose votes matters to this campiagn!

Thank you for all the support you are giving to us till now. We are new in running a witness and with your support we are already ranked in the top 100 We hope we together can make steem great. We seek more of you support to help maintain the beauty of steem

Our latest posts:
Routine witness update
Bot commands

If you like what we are doing please support our witness

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Vote for Our Proposal

Assign us your Voting Proxy

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Steem-supporter votes for:


Thank you for the shout out, appreciate it.

we would love your witness vote as well

I voted you as witness ... and would like to hear your opinion concerning my newest post ...

Thank you , i am reading that right now

This is a reasonable thing to do . Lets get it done.

It's such a great initiative!

thanks , ,we could really use any support we get --

do vote for our witness to support us ,, do read our previous posts on how we are helping the community

Thats great, lets make steem great :D

Even users like bullionstackers with massive delegation (1M SP) from Steemit Inc are farming comments at 6+ days.
Shouldn't you be taking control of your own men first?

why are you attaching @bullionstackers with my name --- have you seen him flagging me ? check my previous posts where i have flags by bullionstackers

Do you understand what you're reading?

Anyway, there's nothing to talk to you about.
You don't understand what you're reading.

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