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Trying to be a responsible witness as much as possible we tend to update the steem community on daily developments we are currenty engaged in and to take feedback from our community to improve and work on where it is most necessary.

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Daily Updates

1.) We participated in the witness forum organized by Green House Radio online hosted by @greenhouseradio and get to learn and know other witnesses as well .

This are the points we discussed in @greenhouseradio forum

  • Expanding a consensus to a larger number of 50 witness.
  • The desire for a reversal on the SF22.8 back to 22.5 to offer a more stable version of our blockchain.
  • More communication for the sake of all.

Find the entire recording here.

2.) Rupa is getting more useful as we are streamlining her operations as well as trying to make the notification as instant as possible .

Get help from our bot, it's free and super useful!

3.) We have decided to fight spam and milking in the steem chain . An example of how milking is happening can be seen in this profile @raycoms, we are working on a bot that identifies such bullshit and flag it with as much power as possible. We also figured out that lots of users here use steemit as a faucet to make money using bid bots, we will fight against it as well .

If you want to join the battle against spam and bid bots, together with us, please delegate us some steem power.

4.) We have decided to help users with liquidating their rewards . If you dont want to hold any SP , simply set @steem-supporter as your 100% benificary and all your rewards will be sent to you in liquid SBD and STEEM without any service charges, as we are dedicated in supporting Steem , we have no any future plans to powerdown our SP , at least not for few years.

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Expect more!

If you like what we are doing please support our witness

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Vote for Our Proposal

Assign us your Voting Proxy

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Thank You for joining as well as building useful tools for the steem blockchain. The future is looking bright.

Right on for stepping up the fight against spam. It is pretty sad the Steem Cleaners code is not opened source. So much for decentralization. You have our support. Once I get in front of computer I will delegate some Sp

Thanks Much Appreciated

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